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Fluigent’s broad range of solutions for use in microfluidic and nanofluidic applications offer greater control, automation, precision, and ease of use. If you are seeking to replace high-precision syringe pumps or other conventional instruments, we offer modern microfluidic systems and components that enhance productivity.

Our innovative pressure-based microfluidic controllers are compatible with lab on a chip device and a wide variety of microfluidic technologies that will allow you to focus on the science, not on the setup. Browse through our products below and feel free to contact us for any additionnal information.



LineUP-Flow EZ


See how microfluidic experiments should work! Complete systems allow one to start experiments in minutes. Increased versatility and ease of use, spend more time on result, not cumbersome setups.


A unique 4 channel microfluidic flow control system. Easy to install and use, many automation possibilities. Field proven technology and superior quality.


A compact 8 channel microfluidic pressure controller. Wide controllable pressure range, flow-rate from sub µL/min to thousands of µL/min.



A bidirectional microfluidic flow sensor interfaced with our software, allows for direct control or monitoring of flow rates. Available in five models with different flow-rate ranges.


A hub managing the communication between Fluigent software and up to 8 FLOW UNITS per FLOWBOARD. Computer connection and power supply with a single USB plug. For use as a free standing flow monitoring platform, of for flow control with the MFCS series.


A unique flow-rate measurement solution.

  • High repeatability
  • Tunable to your liquids
  • Easy to set up and use

(See product page)


Icon Pressurised metal cap PCAP for microfluidics


A complete set of reservoirs- easy to use and refillable for long term experiments. Compatible with multiple pressure-based microfluidic experiments in parallel.

Pressurized Metal Cap For Microfluidic Experiment P-CAP
Fluiwell Fluigent reservoirs 4 channels pressurized tubes

FLUIWELL 1C-50 / 1C-15 / 4C

Specifically, designed caps for pressurization in microfluidic experiments. Autoclavable for sterilization, they can be used with different types of tubing and are suitable for long term experiments.



The ESS™ platform is a versatile fluid handling platform for directing fluid flow that can be automated using Fluigent software. It includes three complementary types of bidirectional valves (the 2-SWITCH™, the L-SWITCH™ and the M-SWITCH™), as well as a unique communication hub, the SWITCHBOARD.

This system can be controlled by Fluigent software or your own by using the SDK toolkit.

The different valves can be used for many different protocols. For sorting, the 2-SWITCH™ is recommended whereas for recirculation, it is better to use a L-SWITCH™. For sequential injections, the M-SWITCH™ is the most suitable product.

ESS™ : Easy Switch Solution™

Versatile fluid handling platform

  • Easy to install and use
  • Full automation
  • Low internal volumes

(See product page)


ICO_MSW_002 Icone M-SWITCH haut

The M-Switch™ is a bidirectional 11-port / 10-position valve for injection or selection of up to 10 different fluids controlled by our software.



The new 2-Switch™ is a compact and easy to use 3-port/2-position microfluidic valve. Using standard connectors it can be integrated to any microfluidic setup. Its unique design allows one to stack multiple 2-Switches™ together to save space on the benchtop.


L-Switch Face
L-Switch Top

The L-Switch™ is a bidirectional 6-port / 2 position valve for injection or switching different fluids. Its configuration makes it ideal for recirculation in cell culture.



A lab-bench-scale compressed air solution, which can produce up to 2.5 bar of pressure, without any maintenance. Usefull for all types of microfluidic experiences.


Easy to set up and use microfluidics accessory allowing hands free start/stop operation of the MFCS™ Series.



Suitable for aqueous stream flows to remove air bubbles. Avoids sample exposure.



A high-performance surfactant suited for production of highly monodispersed and stable microdroplets. Provided at 2% in 3M™ Novec™ 7500 (HFE) fluorinated oil, dSURF allows highly monodispersed droplet formation and long-term stability in challenging conditions such as dPCR and  cell encapsulation experiments.


Microfluidic device for droplet generation. Suitable for PLGA microparticle production.


Microfluidic chip to produce droplets EZ drop


The EZ Drop droplet production chip is designed to be used with droplet starter pack, with any flow control system and FLOW UNIT models.



Observe and record your results with high resolution and frame rate.
(Resolution : 2592 x 2048, Frame rate : 7092 fps)

Icon PRESSURE UNIT In-line pressure sensor


In-line Pressure Sensor to detect continuously and with accuracy pressure or vacuum applied in a fluidic path over the range of -1000 mbar to 7000 mbar.



Automate time-based protocols

  • Simple to use “drag and drop” graphic interface
  • Rapid design (and storage) of complex pressure and flow-rate, and valve timing methods
  • Suitable for long term cell perfusion and other protocols

(See software page)


Icon for software Microfluidic automation tool by Fluigent

Fluigent Microfluidic Automation Tool (MAT) is a software package for developing and running time based microfluidic protocols using Fluigent’s pressure pumps, flow rate control system and valves. It allows one to easily create protocols for complete automated experiments, including a wide range of operations and loops as well as TTL input/output.


Real-time microfluidic device control

  • 1 click to change from from pressure to flow-rate control
  • 20ms datalogging/sampling frequency
  • automatic instrument detection

(See software page)


Icon of All in one software by Fluigent

Fluigent’s New All-in-One (A-i-O) software is a tool for real-time control of pressures and flow rates in microfluidic experiments using Fluigent pressure pumps and flow control sytems. Its modular interface is designed for independent and easy monitoring of all parameters for each channel connected.


LineUP™ Series Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to fully integrate LineUP™ series devices in all software applications. It has been declined in several languages including LabVIEW, C++, C# and Python.

Application packages & platforms


Fluigent has joined with BEOnchip to offer complete solutions combining innovative, robust, and easy-to-use chips with high-performance instruments.

Organ-on-chip study is an emerging field that brings substantial benefits compared to conventional cell culture. In many labs, considerable effort is put in choosing the right chip design, but the impact of flow control is still undetermined. It is our intent to create awareness on the importance of flow and its effects on ones studies.


Droplet starter pack

The Droplet Starter Pack is designed for microfluidic droplet experiments. It includes EZ Drop chips, and liquid handling solution accessories. The pack also includes:

2 * Flow EZTM


Icon Pressurised metal cap PCAP for microfluidics

2 * P-CAPs

1 * Droplet kit

tubing & fiting kit

Tubing & Fitting kit



Applications that require switching between multiple solutions (such as samples or buffers) may be time-consuming and tedious as they typically require many manual operations. Aria is designed to replace manual procedures such as pipetting or manual switching. This automated solution for cellular perfusion or timed injection protocols allows one to automate delivery up to 10 different solutions into a chamber or microfluidic chip by following user defined protocols.

Aria and FCS2


Fluigent and Bioptechs have partnered to offer a complete solution for high-quality multiplexed imaging. It combines a high-quality flow cell with a high-performance perfusion instrument. The flexibility of the platform allows to automate any complex protocol with multiple fluid deliveries for imaging.

Discover our Drop-Seq package

For optimized Drop-Seq experiments in Next Generation Sequencing. The Fluigent Drop-Seq package allow better reproducibility and control of both single cells and beads encapsulation.

  • Gain time: less than 1 minute to obtain droplet compare to macosco few minute
  • Avoid losing reagents (cells or beads) during transition time
  • Have better control and avoid the problems that could appear with syringe pump. Such as backflow of the beads inside the cells channel which could modify drastically the experiment.
pack dropseq

Alginate Microbeads production station

The Fluigent Alginate beads production station is a robust and complete system for producing outstanding monodispersed Alginates beads with flexibility in changing particle sizes production in hundreds of milliseconds without interrupting the production. Its performance is coming from the combination of Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high-quality particles and beads production.

PLGA microparticle production station

The Fluigent PLGA particle station is a robust, high-quality system for producing monodispersed PLGA microparticles. The station has the flexibility to vary particle size in less than a second without interrupting particle production. Its performance results from the combination of Fluigent high-precision LineUpTM microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device designed by Secoya, a breakthrough technology for high-quality particle production.


package alginate, liposome & plga raydrop
double emulsion raydrop

Double Emulsion production Station

The Fluigent double emulsion production station is a robust and complete system for producing outstanding monodispersed double emulsion in one single device.
Its performance is coming from the combination of Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high monodispersed and stable double emulsion.

Liposome nanoparticles production station

The Fluigent Liposome nanoparticles station is a robust and complete system for precise and long term production of liposomes with a high flexibility in term of liposome size range. Its performance is coming from the combination of Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high-quality particles production.

package alginate, liposome & plga raydrop

Cell and particle sorting package

The microfluidic cell sorting package allows sorting cells or particles according to their size using inertial and Dean drag forces.

Fluigent has joined with microfluidic ChipShop to provide a solution with well-designed microfluidic devices and excellent flow control for sorting experiments.

Microfluidic Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy package

Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is a technique that guarantees fast throughput and label-free sensing so that it can be used to characterize electrical properties, size, or morphology of cells in microfluidic devices.

Fluigent and Zurich Instruments drew on their expertise to propose a complete solution for EIS in microfluidics.

microfluidic Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy package

Educational Packages

Our new Educational Packages provide an opportunity to learn or teach basic microfluidic principles and applications . They provide an in depth introduction and are optimized for students to scientists needing an introduction to microfluidics.

Depending of your level of expertise, you can choose between 4 different packages that all include:

  • A complete microfluidic instrumentation equipment set up (Microfluidic chips, Flow EZ pressure controller, Solutions & reagents…)
  • Up to 4 hours of practical and experimental work with answers
  • A handbook for an overview on microfluidics and its applications

Fluigent industrial


The newest member of our industrial line, the PX-Series, is the most versatile and economic industrial pressure controller including positive or negative pressures. It also has RS232 and USB ports ensuring its compatibility with any system.


The P-OEM is able to host up to 8 independent channels of controlled pressure and provides a very compact solution for multiplexed fluid management. Its patented technology has been field-proven for more than 12 years.

Fluigent OEM standard line

Tubing & Fitting kits

tubing & fiting kit
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