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Fluigent provides automated fldic platfrom to BIOART-Lung 2020 project

Juli 13, 2018

Fluigent is proud to be a part of the BIOART-LUNG 2020 project. Under the scientific coordination of Marie Lannelongue Hospital, this project is supported by a public grand overseen by the French National research Agency (ANR) as part of the second “Programme d’investissements d’Avenir” (reference : ANR-15-RHUS-0002)”. This interdisciplinary project gathers more than 10 different teams among public partners (AP-HP, CEA, CNRS, INSERM), academic partners (Paris Sud University, Polytechnique and Centrale Supelec high schools) and private companies including Air Liquide, Sensome and Xenios.

The BIOART-LUNG 2020 project aims to develop a long term, autonomous, portable, artificial lung for patients suffering from acute respiratory distress. This innovative therapeutic approach will provide 2 major advantages compared to existing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation:

  • Portable device that will increase mobility of patients while waiting for lung transplantation surgery
  • Physiologically relevant device which would reduce blood activation and extended blood oxygenation above the current three weeks limitation.

To validate intermediate steps, Fluigent has conceived, developed and made a customized fluidic platform connected to the device that integrates all the functions the final system will have. This fully automated platform allows for testing of the devices under realistic conditions. (see picture below).