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Happy New Year 2017!

10 January 2017

Dear Customers and Colleagues, This has been an exciting year for all of us at Fluigent as microfluidic technologies continue to expand their applications and usage. Every day our MFCS™ platforms are being used by more laboratories and in 2016 we delivered our 1000th MFCS™ and our 2000th instrument. Fluigent now has a commercial footprint in over 40 countries and our R&D team continues to grow to support the expansion and the innovation required in such a dynamic and exciting market. The New Year will have its challenges and Fluigent will continue to improve its quality standards and strive to support our customers with new products and solutions that meet your business requirements. From all the team at Fluigent we thank you for your continued support. Wishing you a happy and successful 2017

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The Microfluidics Laboratory of the ESPCI has used the Fluigent equipments for almost 10 years. Pressure-driven fluid handling brought a lot of flexibility and robustness in our daily experiments. The MFCS™-EZ is a strong and reliable device, able to adapt to all types of microfluidic experiment. The range complete by adding flow sensors able to transform the MFCS™-EZ into a full flow-rate piloting system with the FRP. Our laboratory trust Fluigent products, engineers, software developers as well as the entire team that makes every day a great job.

Fabrice Monti, Microfluidics MEMs and Nanostructures Laboratory, ESPCI ParisTech, Paris, France

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Size-dependent control of colloid transport via solute gradients in dead-end channels

Shin S, Um E, Sabass B, Ault J T, Rahimi M, Warren P B and Stone H A - PNAS vol 113 no. 2, 257-261 (2016) doi:10.1073/pnas.1511484112

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