The standard of microfluidic control

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The New Foot Switch!

03 May 2016

Do you need both your hands to work on your experiments?

Now available for customers desiring hand-free operations to start/stop or automate additional functions of the MFCS™-EZ is a New Foot Switch. This connects directly to a USB port on the PC and can be used to start or stop flow when the experiment requires additional attention from the scientist. Furthermore, it can be used to switch from a pressure configuration to another! This can be useful when changing your droplet regime or for your cell culture or even during your washing steps.Pressure Foot Switch by Fluigent

Contact us directly if you are interested!

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I really love your system, I bought one MFCS a few months ago and I already want to buy a new one

>Ryan Sochol, University of California, Berkeley

Recent publications


Size-dependent control of colloid transport via solute gradients in dead-end channels

Shin S, Um E, Sabass B, Ault J T, Rahimi M, Warren P B and Stone H A - PNAS vol 113 no. 2, 257-261 (2016) doi:10.1073/pnas.1511484112

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