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Who we are

We are experts in microfluidics developing tools to make your experiments easier. We are providing you with high performance and easy to set-up and to use microfluidics instruments.

What we do

We strive to “make microfluidics easy”. Our solutions are modular, enabling our customers to save precious time with
 cumbersome engineering fluidic developments (such as re-designing and re-developing electronic and software interfaces for 
each new set-up).

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A fitting is a system composed of a nut and a ferrule, specifically designed to work together, fastened into a receiving port.

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Last news

July 15th 2014 - RAN Biotechnologies Announces Distributorship Agreement with Fluigent

05 October 2014

RAN Biotechnologies Announces Distributorship Agreement with Fluigent

Agreement with Fluigent in France provides industry-leading solution for droplet microfluidic applications throughout EU region

BEVERLY, Mass., July, 15th 2014: RAN Biotechnologies,, a provider of chemicals and solutions specially optimized for biotechnological applications, has entered into a distributorship agreement with Fluigent,, a Paris-based leader in microfluidic flow control instruments, for distribution of RAN Biotechnologies products in Europe.

“We are very excited to be distributing the products of RAN Biotechnologies,” said Dr. Jérémie Weber, CTO and co-founder of Fluigent. “Their chemicals and solutions are the state-of-the-art for droplet microfluidics. We believe the combination of RAN Biotechnologies reagents and our microfluidic instruments will lead to a very powerful platform for droplet microfluidic applications.”

Droplet microfluidics is an alternative technology for Lab-on-a-chip systems, where manipulation of discrete micro-droplets is performed. Such a technology is compatible with many chemicals and biologicals and allows the programmation of various digital fluidic operations. These valuable advantages have the potential to enhance biomedical research and secure a rapidly growing market share in diagnostics and therapeutics.

“Our expertise in synthetic and surface chemistry in general and in surfactants in particular, allows us to develop advanced materials for microfluidics”, said Dr. Roger Nassar, founder and President of RAN Biotechnologies. Dr. Nassar added, “Partnering with Fluigent is a major step in our exposure efforts in Europe after winning the Young Entrepreneurs initiative (YEi’13) award, which is organized by the French Embassy in the United States and the French Innovation Network (Retis). It will help us to reach a wider microfluidic market and allow us to be part of important new technologies by advancing lab-on-a-chip applications.”

RAN Biotechnologies’ fluorosurfactants and microfluidic surface coatings stabilize water-in-oil emulsions for droplet microfluidics and can encapsulate biologicals, such as DNA, RNA, cells and proteins, permitting their study and interrogation. High-throughput single cell screening, DNA amplification and chemical reactions are some of the manipulations performed inside these unique droplets.

About RAN Biotechnologies, Inc.

Based in Beverly, MA, USA, RAN Biotechnologies, Inc.,, provides chemicals specially optimized for microfluidic and biotechnological applications. Particularly, RAN Biotechnologies provides materials and solutions, such as fluorosurfactants and surface coatings, for microfluidic applications. RAN Biotechnologies is also developing new technologies for capturing, purifying and rapidly detecting microbes and proteins. RAN Biotechnologies is a member of the North Shore InnoVentures technology incubator,, and the MIT Venture Mentoring Service,

About Fluigent: Based in Paris, France, Fluigent,, has developed, manufactured and commercialized innovative microfluidic flow control and fluid handling solutions for laboratories all around the word for 8 years. Enabling full control of microfluidic system (pressure, flow rate and voltage), Fluigent technologies provide innovating solutions for all microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip applications.

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I really love your system, I bought one MFCS a few months ago and I already want to buy a new one

Ryan Sochol, University of California, Berkeley

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