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Thank you MicroTAS participants!

27 October 2016

Thanks to all who met with us at MicroTAS 2016. It was an honor to talk to you directly and discuss the application of Fluigent products to your research. Please feel free to call or write if we may be of any assistance and don’t hesitate to come by our other events before the end of the year! As a reminder of our demonstrations there, here are the presentation flyers we made especially for you to see the performance of our products over several typical applications:   Microfluidic Co-flow: we developed a dedicated interface to play with our MFCS™-EZ pressure orders directly with a PS3-like gamepad! This way you could see how fast and stable the flows you controlled were. Droplet Generation and Detection: we developed a complete solution for you to generate two types of droplets (blue ones and green ones) to be mixed randomly and then detected by a simple USB camera. A TTL signal could then be sent to a blue LED and a green LED that were lit when the corresponding droplet was detected. Recirculation Cell Culture: we developed an integrated solution to control the shear-stress within your cell culture chip, with a dedicated software on a raspberry PI! An option was added for the user to collect small volumes of buffer to be analyzed afterwards. OOAC Aortic perfusion: we developed a compact platform for any organ-specific experiments in partnership with Micronit. One chip was mimicking a lung-on-a-chip as another was mimicking a blood pressure with a programmed pressure profile.

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Fluigent solution provides a very efficient and reliable flow rate control as well as a significantly higher stability at low flow rates in comparison with syringe pump-based systems.

Michael Ryckelynck Associate Professor UPR-9002 du CNRS

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Size-dependent control of colloid transport via solute gradients in dead-end channels

Shin S, Um E, Sabass B, Ault J T, Rahimi M, Warren P B and Stone H A - PNAS vol 113 no. 2, 257-261 (2016) doi:10.1073/pnas.1511484112

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