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Who we are

We are experts in microfluidics developing tools to make your experiments easier. We are providing you with high performance and easy to set-up and to use microfluidics instruments.

What we do

We strive to “make microfluidics easy”. Our solutions are modular, enabling our customers to save precious time with
 cumbersome engineering fluidic developments (such as re-designing and re-developing electronic and software interfaces for 
each new set-up).

Tips of the day

A fitting is a system composed of a nut and a ferrule, specifically designed to work together, fastened into a receiving port.

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Last news

Fluigent is heading to BIOMED in Israel next week

06 May 2015

IATI Biomed Conference 2015Fluigent is always opening to the world, and proves it one more time.   We are invited to the UBIFRANCE / Business France pavilion of the BIOMED Conference on May 12th-14th 2015 In Tel Aviv, Israel.   It is not the first time Fluigent goes in Israel, but not in such a prestigious conference. We hope to see some of our customers there, but also new faces and new challenges to always improve to stick to your needs.   A question? A request? A feedback? Go on our contact form or contact us directly at

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The ability of the MFCS combined with the Flow-Rate Control Module greatly enhanced our control of the flow rates.

Dr. Andrew Hudson, Leicester University, UK

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