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Who we are

We are experts in microfluidics developing tools to make your experiments easier. We are providing you with high performance and easy to set-up and to use microfluidics instruments.

What we do

We strive to “make microfluidics easy”. Our solutions are modular, enabling our customers to save precious time with
 cumbersome engineering fluidic developments (such as re-designing and re-developing electronic and software interfaces for 
each new set-up).

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What to do when your fitting is leaking? First you can check if your tubing is properly seated and if your fitting is tightened enough.

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Last news

NADINE Workshop on July 3rd

15 June 2015

There is now less than a month before our NADINE Workshop on July 3rd in Villejuif! Click on the picture to ask for more information or to register for free. A small summary of NADINE history is displayed below. Flyer-for-NADINE-Workshop The "NAnosystems for the early DIagnosis of NEurodegenerative diseases" (NADINE) project has completed much of the ground-breaking research needed to develop minimally invasive, sensitive and low cost nanosystems for detection of AD biomarkers. This automated lab-on-chip diagnostic device will be able to detect relevant biomarkers in easily available body fluids, such as blood. As ultrasensitive detection is required, an enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay platform with improved software control was developed that detected an A-beta protein within two hours. The first integration strategy focused on microarray-based detection. For spotted peptide and protein microarray tests with biomarkers, good results were achieved with different variants of A-beta with no cross-talk during simultaneous detection. NADINE researchers are working on the demonstrator unit to facilitate testing in the lab and clinic with validated and unknown samples. In parallel, training of staff will raise awareness about this new testing system.   The nanosystem-based technology developed by NADINE requires minute amounts of biomarkers to be present even in complex sample matrices and preliminary results are highly promising. Application in mass screening for neurodegenerative diseases such as AD could avoid expensive treatment in the event of late diagnosis. In Europe, more than 2.5 million people suffer with AD and early detection would mean a reduction in suffering for both patients and their families.

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It is also very flexible as it allows stopping and restarting the droplet manipulation, the change of reservoir or reactive during an experiment, with almost no impact on the experiment.

Raphael Calbrix PCBIS-ESBS

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