The standard of microfluidic control

  • From A. Marin et al.

    Droplet Generation & Manipulation

    Encapsulation | Microreactors | Digital PCR | Screening

  • From Maître et al.

    Cells & Particles Handling

    Cell culture | Labelling | Sorting | Sample prep

  • From Podenphant et al.

    Actuation & Control

    Quality Control | Chip Characterization | Quake valve actuation

  • From Beatie et al.


    Organ-on-Chip | Point of Care | Immunoassay / ELISA LOC

  • From Maître et al.


    EZ | Script Module | SDK

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200 scientific publications citing our products!

27 July 2015

You did it! We are so proud to announce that now 200 different peer-reviewed scientific articles cite our products! To celebrate this event, we have freshened up our website homepage to celebrate all the applications achievable with our products, from droplet microfluidics to complex lab on a chip experiments.   Our unique solution, combining our pressure flow controller, our powerful flow-rate control algorithm and our switching devices, enables better results for your own experiments, whatever your field of application is, whenever you need it.   A special menu displays one recent peer-reviewed publication citing our products, as we have now more than 200 researchers’ publications thanks to your confidence in our products. We owe you this priceless honor. Thank you.   You don’t believe it? Go to our Publications page to see for yourself!

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The desired flow rates are quickly reached and without any subsequent instabilities.

Dr. Andrew Hudson, Leicester University, UK

Recent publications


Pulsatile cell-autonomous contractility drives compaction in the mouse embryo

Maître JL, Niwayama R, Turlier H, Nédélec F, Hiiragi T
Nature Cell Biology 17, 849–855 (2015) doi:10.1038/ncb3185

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