3-port/2-way bidirectional valve for industry


    Fluigent 2-X

    The 2-X is a compact 3-port/2-way microfluidic valve. Using standard fittings, it can be integrated into any fluidic system.

    Main benefits
    • compact

      Designed for parallelization

    • Quick

      Actuation and response time

    • Accurate

      Low internal volume

    • Automation

      Fully automated with in house software or SDK libraries


    Fluid switching and sampling

    The 2-X  can be used for fluid switching or sampling depending on the direction of flow. When 2 liquids are coming into the valve, select which to deliver to your device. Alternately, one liquid can be driven into selected parts of a setup for sampling/sorting.

    ON/OFF flow

    The 2-X is a versatile device that can be very easily adapted into an on/off valve (2-port / 2-position) by connecting a plug to one port (other than the common port).

    Time-based automation

    The valve can be controlled by using Fluigent software for long-term operations. Create a time-based protocol to set actuation timing of the valve(s).

    Suited for many applications

    Its versatility makes it ideal for applications where fluid sorting, switching or periodic sampling is required such as fluid sorting.

    Parallelize and combine valves

    The specific design of the valve allows one to combine several together with a minimum of space requirement. Added to the automation software, one can easily create multiple fluidic paths.


    Examples of use

    The diagram shows an example of how to use the 2-X devices.

    Setup 2XSwitch
    Position 2XSwitch

    At the upstream of the microfluidic device, 2-X are used for each inlet as on/off switches. In order to choose which reagent will be injected into the mixing chip.

    At the downstream of the chip, 2-X is used as a 2-way switch to easily sort the exiting flow and recover only the sample that you want.

    All the 2-X can be automated so that the selection of reagents and the outlet sorting are fully synchronized. This kind of fluidic diagram can be very useful for chemical mixing reactions, stoichiometry, and viscosity studies.

    Results 2XSwitch



    3-port / 2-way vavle
    Low internal volume (59µL)
    No dead volume
    Standard external fittings (1/4-28 thread)
    No heating
    Use as a standalone system or software controlled (full automation)
    Fast response time: 3 ms
    Easy identification of the positions thanks to indicator light
    Operating pressure: vacuum to 2.5 bar


    Size: 8 x 6.5 x 2 cm | Weight: approx. 100g | Material: PCE PU
    Power supply: RJ45 from the SWITCHBOARD


    Chemical & biological compatibility
    Wetted materialsPEEK, PPS, FFKM, FKM,EPDM
    NameProduct NumberComment
    2-SWITCH™ kitCTQKITSW2Tubing and fitting dedicated for the new 2-SWITCH™
    OxyGEN SoftwareSSFT-OXYRequired for automating the 2-SWITCH™


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

    See the offer

    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

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    Setup 2XSwitch

    How to add the 2-X in my experience and how to connect it?

    • Cut the 1/16’’ OD tubing to the desired length, leaving a square-cut face.
    • Slide the nut over the tubing with the nut thread facing the tubing end being connected.
    • Slip the ferrule over the tubing, with the tapered portion of the ferrule facing the nut.
    • Insert the assembly into the receiving port, and while holding the tubing firmly against the bottom of the port, tighten the nut finger tight.
    • To check the tightness of your connection, you may pull gently on the tubing: it must stay fitted in the ferrule and nut.


    • The 2-SWITCH™ device can only be connected with 1/16’’ OD tubing.

    How can I clean the 2-X after use?

    You can clean the 2-X in the same way than the Flow Unit.

    Besides, Fluigent strongly advises you to use filtered solutions. Wetted material is Teflon® only.

    How can I make a junction between a 2-X and tubing with external diameters different from 1/16″?

    The 2-Xcan only be connected with 1/16’’ OD tubing and the provided fittings. There is a wide variety of materials and internal diameters available with 1/16’’ tubing to suit your application. However, if you have constraints on your fluidic set-up that force you to use tubing of other external diameters than 1/16’’, a wide range of adaptors and unions are available from the fittings suppliers, to make a junction between your specific tubing and the 2-SWITCH™ tubing.

    Warning: Please note that sleeves cannot be used directly in the 2-X fluidic ports (risks of trapping the smaller tubing and possible non-tight connection).

    With a fluidic “ON/OFF” switch configuration, should I fill with liquid the plugged path inside the 2-X before screwing the plug?

    If you are planning to use a 2-X as a fluidic on/off switch, you will need to plug either port #1 or port #2 on the 2-X. For example, if you plug port #2, when in Position 2 the common port will be connected to the plug inside the 2-X. As there is still some internal volume inside the 2-X (12µL per position), it is better to fill the 2-X in Position 2 with distilled water before connecting the plug to close the position. This way, during the experiment when the valve is actuated in Position 2 to close a path, there will be no air bubble and a minimal liquid displacement in the Position 2, as it will have already been filled with liquid.