Robust technology for double emulsion production and focus on microcapsule/microparticle synthesis

April 26, 2022



Are you working in academia or industry in the field of cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals or chemical processes? If you are looking for solutions and methods to improve performance in generating the right emulsion type for your needs, this online workshop may be of benefit to you.

Until now, generating multiple type of emulsions has been a  challenge as existing technologies suffer from various limitations (low reproducibility, need for multiple surface coatings, poor size distribution, etc).

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to generate emulsion from single to complexe emulsion such as double emulsion
  • Be aware of an all in one emulsification platform which gathers Fluid handling solution, emulsion generator and optic.
  • Have live discussions with our experts regarding your specific application
  • Gain insight on the newest material and method for the generation of highly monodispersed emulsions

Dates & Times:

April, 26th at 10am CEST (8pm AEST, 4pm CST)

April, 26th at 8pm CEST (2pm EDT)

Workshop session agenda

  • Introduction to emulsification technology (5min)
  • Learn how to produce: Resin, PLGA, Alginate, Agarose microcapsules and microparticle (30min)
  • Live Demonstration and interactive experiment (5min)
  • Interactive Q&A session to discuss your application needs (20 mins)