Microfluidic white paper – An exploration of Microfluidic technology and fluid handling

What is microfluidics? What are the main concepts of microfluidics? What are the different microfluidic flow controllers? 

Microfluidic technology white paper

With this white paper, you will have a complete overview on microfluidics.

Microfluidic technology refers to the study of fluid manipulation at the micrometer scale. Fluids behave  differently at the micrometer scale than in everyday life and these unique characteristics are the key to new scientific experiments and innovations. In the case of microfluidic devices, microchannels range from sub-micron to a few millimeters.

Today, microfluidics is  emerging as a cutting-edge technology that finds applications in diverse fields ranging from biology and chemistry to information technology and optics.

In particular, microfluidics is  widespread in research areas as it enables high throughput, multiplexed and highly parallel assays, faster analysis due to reduced reaction times, an overall reduction of cost per analysis, precise measurement, and many other advantages.

In this white paper, we provide a complete overview of microfluidic technology, including the theoretical basis of microfluidics (its history, definitions, and elements to take into account to choose the right microfluidic pump or chip), expertise pages (where you can acquire all the knowledge related to flow and volume control) and all the information about the advantages of using pressure controllers. You will also learn how to produce highly reproducible and accurate droplets with high monodispersity, compatible with a large number of biomedical applications, and how to perform Drop-Seq protocols for Next Generation Sequencing application. Finally, you will get to know in depth all the microfluidic accessories that you may need in your future experiments to obtain the best results in the laboratory.

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  1. What is microfluidics?
    1. Microfluidics history
    2. Microfluidics definitions & advantages
    3. How to select the right microfluidic pump
    4. How to choose a microfluidic chip
  2. Expertise pages
    1. Microfluidic volume definitions
    2. Microfluidic resistance
    3. Flow control technology
    4. Volumetric control technology
    5. Microfluidic Flow Control Technology: Strengths & Weaknesses
  3. Advantages of pressure-based microfluidics
    1. Extended capabilities of pressure driven flow for microfluidics applications
    2. Microfluidic device stability
    3. What is the responsiveness in the case of a microfluidic system and how to improve it?
  4. Microfluidic accessories
    1. Microfluidic tubing
    2. The different flow control & flow measurement technology
    3. Software in microfluidics
  5. Droplets in microfluidics
    1. Microfluidic Droplet Production Method
    2. How to ask cells what proteins they produce?
  6. Microfluidic setup flow rate & pressure calculator

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