Pressure Reducer: Adaptor for mixed pressure range modules



    The Flow EZ™ Adapt module is a pressure reducer. Placed between two LineUp Flow EZ™ or LineUp™ Push-Pull pressure-based controllers having different input requirements, it allows one to have a system with many different pressure channel ranges. It reduces the outgoing pressure supply from the module to its left and provides the required pressure supply to the module on its right.

    Main benefits
    • Adaptable

      Enables mixed pressure range

    • Intuitive

      Straight forward set up & use

    • compact

      Uses minimum bench space

    Focus on the microscope. No PC is required

    Instead of looking at the PC, users can keep their eyes on the microscope, adjusting the control dial with one hand. In this stand-alone configuration, the device allows for pressure or flow rate control and volume dispense making it ideal for benchtop use.


    Each LineUp™ Flow EZ or Push-Pull requires a specific amount of pressure supplied. To build a single LineUp™ system with various pressure range, use the Adapt to reduce the pressure supply and meet exact requirements


    150 mbarLU-FEZ-0025
    150 mbar LU-FEZ-0069
    1100 mbar LU-FEZ-0345
    1100 mbar LU-FEZ-1000
    2100 mbar LU-FEZ-2000
    7100 mbar LU-FEZ-7000
    -800 mbar LU-FEZ-N025
    -800 mbar LU-FEZ-N069
    -800 mbar LU-FEZ-N345
    -800 mbar LU-FEZ-N800
    1100 mar and/or -800 mbarELUPPU1000

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