Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical applications

Microfluidic technologies  that provide control over fluid flows and mixing are emerging as an alternative to conventional bench methods.

Microfluidics in Pharmaceutics

Drug delivery

Microparticles and emulsions are used for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products including intravenous, intramuscular, ocular, or orally delivered compounds. Emulsions are also used as templates for polymer microparticles, lipid nanoparticles, or microcapsules. These are later used for drug delivery, with the emulsion being the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) itself, or as an adjuvant for co-administration.

Research applications

Industrial applications

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From the life sciences to the food industry, many applications require the use of fluids driven at flow rates from nanoliters to milliliters per minute. At such low flows, the success of these applications strongly depends on the level of control and automation of the fluidic operations.

These applications require flow control systems that are adapted for ensuring their success.

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