Fully Custom Microfluidic Device

    From idea to production

    Bring the vision of your device to life. Whether you’re a start-up or a larger organization, Fluigent can drive your microfluidic project from conception to design and manufacturing. By partnering with us, customers benefit from Fluigent’s portfolio of products, technologies, patents, and 15 years of experience with microfluidic technology. We combine our expertise and knowledge to design and manufacture the highest quality custom microfluidic devices. Partner with Fluigent to accelerate your product time to market.

    customization design microfluidic
    Main benefits
    • Fluigent expertise

      Microfluidic knowledge

    • Flexible

      We adapt to your specifications needs

    • Cost-efficient

      Cost-effective devices

    What our customers say

    “Fluigent’s expertise enabled us to completely change the scale of our microfluidic protocols, from the Ph.D. student experiment to the fully automated and parallelized workflow available for anyone. In addition to accompanying us in this process with their ideas and multi-disciplinary skills, Fluigent’s support and responsiveness are first class!”

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    From development to commercialization

    Each system has unique specifications. Fluigent offers flexible, custom microfluidic device development to provide the system you envision. Our core offering includes complete OEM microfluidic services to bring your solution to market while ensuring high-quality standards and satisfaction. 

    Development process custom microfluidic device

    Business consulting & systems requirements

    Fluigent discusses all users, business models, and technical specifications.

    Technical feasibility & technology review

    After identifying your needs and technical specifications, our R&D team will propose the most cost-efficient solution based on our state-of-the-art modules and unique portfolio of innovative technologies to empower your application. 

    Efficient solution development & prototyping

    Once the specifications and requirements are fixed, an R&D project team will be dedicated to the development of your solution. Throughout the development, we will continuously update you on the project’s overall progress. Transparency is an essential value for us. The prototype will be sent to you for testing and validation. 

    Industrialization and quality management

    After validation, our R&D will transfer your prototype to our production department. Through training, production files, bench tests, and other quality assessments driven by our ISO 9001 certificate, we deliver a standard system with highly reproducible performance.

    Your product on the market/Support and service

    Our partnership does not end once your product is commercialized. After we build and ship your custom microfluidic device, Fluigent will provide first-class support including team training and spare part orders.                                    

    Custom microfluidic device: Fluigent’s unique portfolio of technologies 

    With more than 15 years of experience, Fluigent was the first company to use pressure to move fluids for microfluidics to face fluid stability and sterility challenges. Thanks to a continuous innovation process, we tackle current limitations with developing cutting-edge technologies and currently own more than 20 patents. By integrating our technologies into your custom microfluidic device, Fluigent will empower your application and offer you a true advantage over your competitors.

    dfc illustration Custom microfluidic device

    DFC Flow Rate Control Algorithm

    Self-learning algorithm allowing live pressure/flow-rate monitoring and control

    Custom microfluidic device Micropumps algorithm

    Micropumps algorithm

    Fluigent algorithm in micropumps for compact pressure supply and control

    Fluigent temperature controll Custom microfluidic device

    Fluid mixer

    Biological vortex mixer. Orbital motion, mass compensated vibration

    robotic pipetting Custom microfluidic device

    Robotic pipetting

    x-y-z robotic stage for fluid sampling into microwells

    temperature control Custom microfluidic device

    Temperature management

    Temperature modules for heating and cooling

    And many more…

    Discover our technologies:

    Custom software development 

    We provide custom software based on our well-known end-user software OxyGEN as well as on our SDK library for your custom microfluidic device. We develop and design your user interface and create dedicated protocols to best suit your application. In addition, we can interface with software from third-party devices to allow cross-communication and guarantee the best efficiency and user-friendliness. 

    SDK software custom microfluidic device
    Temperature control after transition phase

    OEM customer case studies

    Each customer is different and has specific challenges, and we take particular care to address them. Discover the story of our customers and the relationship we build with them in our customer case studies

    custom microfluidics electron microscopy


    A leading electron microscopy group wanted to add an automatic sampling system to their standard imaging platforms as a value-added feature for their customers. Fluigent was approached to develop this complementary module due to our vast experience in engineering and manufacturing microfluidic systems.     


    Fluigent’s expertise in fluid handling hardware and software provides technical support for all user experiments.          


    The sampling system automates sample volume delivery over lengthy imaging experiments while keeping the samples refrigerated. Shortly, additional functionality will also be integrated into the client’s software so the user can fully benefit from the whole platform in one place.

    custom drug testing device


    This company approached Fluigent for a fluid handling solution after researching microfluidic technology.      


    While the client was focusing on developing their proprietary technology in biology, Fluigent’s team managed to create the components needed surrounding the chips, from the fluidic system to the instrument’s design.


    This result enables users to use multiple microfluidic devices at the same time with minimum prior training, providing an in vitro diagnostic test of precision medicine.

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