Drop-Seq Pack


    Complete system for starting Drop-Seq experiments

    Droplet sequencing is a low-cost, high-throughput platform to profile thousands of cells by encapsulating them into individual droplets. Uniquely barcoded mRNA capture microparticles and cells are coconfined through a microfluidic device within the droplets where they undergo cell lysis and RNA hybridization.

    With our Drop-Seq pack, you will be able to perform optimized Drop-Seq experiments in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). The Fluigent Drop-Seq pack allows better reproducibility and control of both single cells and beads encapsulation.

    Drop-seq pack
    Main benefits
    • Biocompatible

      High encapsulation efficiency

    • Gain time

      Faster than standard Drop-Seq protocol

    • droplet monodispersity

      High monodispersity (2%)

    Drop-Seq Pack: Features

    Latest design

    Each droplet generation device is based on the design recommended in the latest McCarroll lab Drop-Seq protocol, ensuring the best chances of success.

    Fluigent devices

    Precision engineered robust devices durable over a wide range of pressures, temperatures, and flow rates Last

    23 designs per chip

    Provides value for money in a  chip that lasts.  When the life of one device is depleted, simply move onto the next one

    Produce monodisperse droplets

    Reliable and consistent generation of droplets of optimal size for Droplet sequencing

    Efficient  production  of  transcript  libraries

    Superior  design  promotes  optimal  mixing  of  component fluids, thereby minimizing bead shearing or premature lysis of cells and mRNA release

    drop seq response time pressure pump
    Drop-Seq pack experiment with pressure controller

    Why use pressure for Droplet sequencing?

    While the original protocol was developed using syringe pumps, in the field of droplet sequencing, pressure-controlled systems have a few advantages.

    First, in terms of raw performance, pressure-driven systems are faster to set up, easier to control, and more stable over time, which allows for an emulsion of better quality: the droplet size will be more homogeneous, and start/stop populations will be smaller. This leads to better segregation of the cells, and less reagent use and less sample loss. Therefore, this allows for more efficient and optimal droplet sequencing.

    As the sample and beads need to be agitated throughout the experiment, it is usually done with a bulky stirring bar for syringe pumps. This leads to a dead volume that will not be injected into the chip. Pressure-driven setups can be run using more conventional containers that make it possible to use an external agitation system, such as a standard lab vortexing system.

    Using Fluigent Drop-Seq pack experiment with pressure controller allow then to:

    • Gain time: (less than 1 minute to obtain droplet compared to Macosko’s protocol, few minutes).
    • Avoid losing reagents (cells or beads) during transition time.
    • Have better control and avoid the problems that could appear with a syringe pump. Such as backflow of the beads inside the cell’s channel which could drastically modify the experiment.


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    Main products of the package

    Drop-seq experiment set up


    LineUp Flow EZ pressure controller (2 bar) x3
    FLOW UNIT M x2
    FLOW UNIT L x1
    LineUp LINK Module (software control) x1
    P-CAP 15 mL x1
    P-CAP 2 mL x2
    Drop-Seq chip
    LineUp Supply kit x1
    Tubing & fitting kit x1


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
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