Fluid recirculation for cell perfusion with reduced shear stress

Many microfluidic applications require expensive solutions to be injected at a controlled flow-rate into a microfluidic system, such as cell cultures, PCR processes, cell injections or simulation of blood capillaries with a controlled minimal mechanical stress.

In this application, two MFCS™-EZ pressure channels are connected to two vials containing a physiological buffer for instance. The use of the L-SWITCH™ and ESS™ Control software allows for recirculation between the two vials while maintaining a continuous unidirectional flow-rate within the cell culture chamber.


  • Small buffer volume
  • Controlled shear stress
  • Long-term experiments
  • High stability
  • Flexible automation
  • Pressure and/or flow-rate control and limit

Materials needed

  • 1 MFCS™-EZ
  • 1 L-SWITCH™
  • Fluigent software

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