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RayDrop Single Emulsion

Droplet Generator

The RayDrop is a microfluidic droplet generator composed of three main parts fully removable: two inserts on each side and a center section containing a nozzle and an outlet capillary. There are four standard microfluidic connections, two on the box for the continuous phase, and one on each insert for the dispersed phase entry and the collecting emulsion outlet.

The RayDrop specific design allows for multiple liquid type emulsification, within the same device without any coating needed.

This allows covering many applications from the encapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients in both polymer microparticle and microcapsule to cell and fragrance encapsulation in hydrogel microbeads such as:

  • PLGA microparticle
  • Polymer microcapsule
  • Alginate microbeads
  • Liposome Nanoparticle


  • One device for multiple applications
  • Easy cleaning
  • No coating needed
  • High monodispersity

Capillary size: 30 µm - 150 µm


Capillary size: 60 µm - 300 µm


Capillary size: 90 µm - 450 µm


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