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Raydrop Double Emulsion

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Double Emulsion Droplet Generator

The Fluigent RayDrop chip is a patented device for droplet generation presenting most of the advantages of glass chips as resistance to strong chemicals and compatibility with high pressures ( > 2 bar). Although glass chips represent a very expensive disposable in everyday lab work, they can lead to leakage issues and have limited lifetimes as they are almost impossible to recover once clogged. The RayDrop device uses standard fittings leading to sealed connections and its design allows for easy recovery and cleaning if clogging occurs.

The RayDrop technology has three additional features:

  • Double emulsions can be produced in only one step in a single device
  • It can produce water-oil-water and oil-water-oil droplets without any surface coatings needed.
  • The system does not need any surfactant for droplet formation


  • Perform double emulsions in one single device
  • Droplet size from 70 µm to 150 µm diameter
  • Easy-to-clean exchangeable nozzle
  • High flexibility (w/o/w) o/w/o)
  • Surface coating-free
  • Easy microscope visualization
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