Workshop Encapsulation of active ingredient in microparticles and microcapsules

März 3, 2022

Fluigent will present a new physical workshop “Encapsulation of active ingredient in microparticles and microcapsules” in collaboration with Dr Qutachi’s Lab at De Montford University on March 3rd at AM 10 to PM 1 GMT.


Are you working in academia or industry in the field of cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals or chemical processes? If you are looking for solutions and methods to improve the performance of generating the right capsules and particles (from micro to nano), this workshop may be of benefit to you.

Until now, generating multiple types of particles has been a challenge as existing technologies suffer from various limitations (low reproducibility, need for multiple surface coatings, poor size distribution, etc). We are presenting a new platform overcoming the above limitation and allowing a precise control of production.

In collaboration with Dr Qutachi’s lab from Leicester Institute for Pharmaceutical Innovation (LIPI) at De Montfort University


Gateway House, Leicester LE1 9BH, United Kingdom.

Room: Edith Murphy – EM1.28 (No.11 in the campus map)