Full Customization

    Development of a complete and fully operational device based on your needs

    Whether a start-up, or a larger organization, Fluigent can drive your microfluidic project from conception to design and manufacturing. By partnering with us customers benefit from the Fluigent portfolio of products, patents and 15 year’s experience. We combine our competencies and talents to design and manufacture the best products and solutions to the highest standards.

    Main benefits
    • Fluigent expertise

      Microfluidic knowledge

    • Flexible

      We adapt to your specifications needs

    • Cost-efficient

      Cost-effective devices



    We design and realize microfluidic systems which support your innovation in biology or chemistry.


    We use smart algorithms to optimize the design for maximum reliability and performance. In addition to mitigating technical risks which are specific to the project.

    Software development

    Our software team develops on demand software layers and graphical user interfaces, using Fluigent and third party SDK libraries for a turnkey solution.


    Microfluidic is a growing field and industrialization is a decisive step. We anticipate and solve manufacturing challenges from project inception.

    Case studies

    transmission electron microscopy system fluidic


    A leading electron microscopy group wanted to add an automatic sampling system to their standard imaging platforms as a value-added feature for their customers. Trusting the expertise of engineering and manufacturing microfluidic systems, Fluigent was approached to develop this complementary module.


    Fluigent’s broad expertise in fluid handling hardware and software is facilitating the definition of functionalities of the new module and providing the technology answers to obtain the client vision.


    The sampling system automates sample volume delivery over the lengthy imaging experiments while keeping the samples refrigerated. Shortly, additional functionality will also be integrated into the client’s software so the user can fully benefit from the whole platform in one place.

    drug testing machine


    This company approached Fluigent for a fluid handling solution knowing that microfluidic technology could be exactly what is needed for his station.


    While the client was focusing on the development of their proprietary technology in biology, Fluigent’s team managed to create everything needed surrounding the chips, from the fluidic system to the design of the instrument.


    This result enables users to use multiple microfluidic devices at the same time with minimum prior training, providing an in vitro diagnostic test of precision medicine.