Fluigent at the microfluidic consortium open day in Paris 2021

12月 1, 2021

Fluigent and Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes held microfluidics consortium Open Day in Paris on Dec 1 and 2, 2021. The 2nd of December, we held the MF open days in our headquarters for a tour and 1-2-1 meetings to discuss the latest advancements in microfluidics and talk about our productions processes, R&D projects, and OEM activity. 

Thank you to Arnaud Cartier William Cesar Florian Her and Arnaud REITZ for their interesting demonstration and to all atendees (Franck AJUELOS, Ferdinand Ativon, Clément Dubois, Gianluca Gullì, Peter Hewkin, Alexander Steimle) for this day full of exchanges.