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Syringe pump

Fluigent is a trusted manufacturer of innovative and cost-effective microfluidic solutions. Our Microfluidic Flow Manager Unit P-OEM series offers an excellent replacement for conventional syringe pumps or peristaltic pumps. This ultraprecise system guarantees optimal response time, pulseless and highly stable flow conditions for industrial microfluidic applications. Highly compact and presenting no risk of contamination, it allows full control of flow rates. The multi-channel design ranges from 1 to 4 channels for the P-OEM series and from 5 to 8 channels for the PL-OEM series.

Are you a microfluidics specialist seeking high-performance alternatives to conventional syringe pumps?

Since fluids do not come into contact with the instrument, no routine cleaning is required and contamination is all but eliminated.

With a global presence that includes offices and distributors in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, Fluigent develops, manufactures, and commercializes a range of innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of applications requiring microfluidic control. Since 2006, we have delivered MFCS™ (Microfluidic Flow Control Systems) to hundreds of global customers, aiding them in replacing conventional high-precision syringe pumps with more streamlined and efficient instruments. Moreover, our microfluidic systems have been cited in over 200 scientific publications. Whether you are seeking state-of-the-art instruments to successfully replace high-precision syringe pumps in manufacturing or need custom solutions for research and development, Fluigent is your trusted partner.

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