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Pressure driven flow

Turn to Fluigent, the global leader in microfluidics and nanofluidics solutions with citations in some 200 scientific publications. A cornerstone of our business is our patented MFCS™ (Microfluidic Flow Control Systems) suite of solutions. Current microfluidic control systems such as syringe or peristaltic pumps are poorly adapted to the manipulation of fluid volumes in the nanoliter range, leading to long equilibration times, irreproducibility and pulsing.

Are you searching for an innovative microfluidic device with pressure-driven flow control?

Our patented FASTAB™ technology is an innovative solution to such issues: a pressure-driven flow control system featuring an advanced feedback control algorithm and no mechanical parts.

The MFCS™-EZ is a unique pressure flow controller designed for a wide range of microfluidic and nanofluidic applications. Easy to install and use and fully automatable, this streamlined and user-friendly system allows you to get started right away and focus on the science—eliminating hours needlessly wasted on setup. You gain full control over conditions, yielding fast and precise results in a wide range of microfluidic technology applications. This remarkably compact pressure flow controller allows you to save space, while its ease of setup saves you time so you can concentrate on developing excellent products or furthering your research efforts.

Microfluidics is a fast-growing and high-tech sector whose players require ever-more efficient and innovative solutions. Demand for solutions in the realm of pressure-driven flow microfluidics is especially high—and Fluigent meets that demand with cutting-edge, patented solutions. Gain all the benefits of pressure actuation with our patented P-OEM product, the OEM variation of Fluigent’s MFCS™-EZ instruments range. The Microfluidic Flow Manager Unit P-OEM series offers excellent response time, pulseless and highly stable flow conditions, ideal for industrial applications necessitating ultraprecise flow control. Highly modular and easily customized, this pressure-driven flow microfluidics system can be adapted to meet your precise demands in research and development or manufacturing of microfluidic components.

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