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Microfluidic pumps

Conventional microfluidic pumps and systems such as syringe, peristaltic or piston pumps are poorly adapted to the manipulation of fluid volumes in the nanoliter range, leading to less than optimal flow control. To solve this problem, FLUIGENT developed its patented FASTAB™ technology, a pressure-driven system featuring an advanced feedback control algorithm designed entirely without mechanical parts. This innovative system guarantees a pulseless flow and greater responsiveness, ensuring optimal results. Our MFCS™ series incorporating the FASTAB™ technology is compatible with any microfluidic application. If you’re seeking to replace traditional microfluidic systems or microfluidic pumps, our solutions ensure full control of flow rates.

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In addition to microfluidic flow control, effectively monitoring microfluidic pressure is another concern demanding innovative solutions. Fluigent’s MFCS™ pressure controller offers an excellent way to monitor multiple flow-rate channels in your microfluidic applications. Microfluidic pressure control provides stable flow rates using pressure actuation. Using one simple interface, this system allows you to predict and automatically adjust pressure. And since both pressure and flow rates are measured by the MFCS™-EZ and the Flow-Rate Platform, the Flow-Rate Control Module enables you to automatically adjust pressure(s) and thus reach flow-rate setpoint(s). As a result, you can control flow rates even in complex microsystems including coupled channels, benefitting fully from pressure actuation.

FLUIGENT’s innovative microfluidic solutions offer excellent alternatives to other microfluidic pressure pumps and instruments, allowing you to successfully develop and manufacture a wide range of applications. With a global presence that includes offices and distributors in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, Fluigent develops, manufactures, and commercializes a range of innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of applications requiring microfluidic control. Since 2006, we have delivered MFCS™ (Microfluidic Flow Control Systems) to hundreds of global customers, aiding them in replacing standard microfluidic pressure pumps with highly streamlined and efficient solutions. Moreover, our microfluidic systems have been cited in over 200 scientific publications.

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