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Microfluidic chip

Turn to Fluigent, a Paris-based market leader in microfluidics and nanofluidics, for solutions that will allow you to focus on the science, not on the setup. With a global presence that includes offices and distributors in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, Fluigent develops, manufactures, and commercializes a range of innovative fluid handling solutions, including many that are compatible with microfluidic chip devices. We have delivered our patented microfluidic flow control system MFCS™ to hundreds of customers worldwide, aiding them in replacing standard microfluidic syringe pumps with streamlined and user-friendly solutions.

Are you a microfluidics specialist seeking high-performance alternatives to conventional syringe pumps?

Conventional microfluidics devices such as syringe or peristaltic pumps are poorly adapted to the manipulation of fluid volumes in the nanoliter range, leading to less than optimal flow control. To solve this problem, Fluigent developed its patented FASTAB™ technology, a pressure-driven system featuring an advanced feedback control algorithm designed entirely without mechanical parts. This innovative solution, compatible with most lab-on-a-chip-technology systems, guarantees a pulseless flow and greater responsiveness, ensuring optimal results. If you’re seeking cutting-edge solutions to develop a wide range of microfluidics devices and applications, our innovative suite of products offer precision, ease of use, and full control.

Fluigent’s proven solutions have been cited in some 200 scientific publications, are highly modular and easily customizable: they are compatible with a large variety of microfluidic components and instruments. In order to help you focus on your applications and microfluidic devices, we have developed a range of OEM products for flow control and fluid handling in microfluidic and nanofluidics applications. All of our products come with a Software Development Kit, and represent some of our most streamlined microfluidic systems. If you’re seeking to replace high-precision syringe pumps or other conventional instruments, Fluigent offers excellent solutions that minimize contamination between microfluidic components and ensure optimal control of flow rates.

In addition to its leading range of pressure-driven flow control systems, Fluigent is working to develop cutting edge microfluidic technology, driving innovation and bolstering market share in the biomedical and biotechnological sectors. Microfluidics specialists are increasingly seeking high-performance lab-on-a-chip devices to develop micro-droplet applications for use in biotechnology, biomedical medical research, and other contexts. Fluigent is furthering the development of innovative droplet chip applications through a distribution partnership with US-based RAN Biotechnologies. RAN, a manufacturer of chemicals and solutions specially formulated for biotechnological applications, has teamed up with Fluigent to distribute innovative droplet microfluidic technology and applications throughout the EU.

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