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Success stories

Fluigent’s mission is to help researchers and scientists make groundbreaking discoveries. We present here laboratories and companies that have been successful in their research using our solutions. Discover their success stories.

Tianjin University – Department of Precision Instrument Engineering

Cells/particles detection and characterization

tju loo

Our MFCS-EZ was used to continuously inject cells and bioparticles into the micro/nanofluidic device using constant pressure. Using the FASTAB™ microfluidic patented technology, the MFCS™-EZ generates a constant pressure-driven flow rate that allows for reliable and repeatable experiments.


Characterization of a flow cell dedicated to imaging in liquid at the nanoscale


In a paper published in July 2020 in collaboration with the ENS Paris and the SOLEIL synchrotron, LIONS researchers present and fully characterize a flow cell dedicated to imaging in liquid at the nanoscale1. Its use as a routine sample environment for soft X-ray spectromicroscopy is demonstrated through the spectral analysis of inorganic particles in water.

SEED Biosciences & EPFL

Single-cell injection and impedance analysis


The story of SEED Biosciences started at EPFL at the Microsystems Laboratory 4 (LMIS4) and Laboratory of Stem cells dynamic (LDCS). The main research axis of LMIS4 are in BioMEMS, microfluidics, nanofluidics, and bioelectronic implants. Their current focus is on applications in microsystems for handling, analysis, and culture of biological cells.


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