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Interviews & Testimonials

Interviews of pioneers of the microfluidic field

Discover microfluidics and the pioneers of the field in this series of interviews. The aim of this is to provide expanded perspectives based on their experience, as well as to highlight the people who helped to develop this field. We will focus on their motivations, the background of their labs and companies and their visions for the future of microfluidics.


“The possibilities of microfluidics will end at the point when human imagination runs dry, i.e. never!”


“We used the dSurf 2% for our experiments and observed superior droplet stability during the amplification process of dPCR assay.”

Daniel Kraus /Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology / Jena, Germany / September, 2020

“Combining the Fluigent microfluidic flow control system with DENSsolutions liquid TEM products provide a unique route to achieve the direct observation of a wide range of liquid processes with nano or even atomic scale resolution.”

Hongyu Sun / DENSsolutions / Delft, Netherlands / September, 2020

Seed systemWe are developing Dispencell, the solution for single-cell isolation! The Fluigent MFCS controller allowed us a quick and hassle-free development of our solution focusing on our real application! This has also been accelerated by the dedicated and professional support we got from the amazing Fluigent team

David Bonzon / SEED Biosciences / Renens, Switzerland / August, 2020

Aria-setupI got to test ARIA injection system in my research project in a collaboration with Fluigent. More precisely, ARIA injection system helped me automatize the capture process and immunostaining of breast cancer cells under a very precise and controlled flow rate. The software interface is so user friendly where I was being able to follow in real-time the progression of my experiment. The amazing part is that ARIA even calculated the total amount of time required for each step and helped me avoid the waiting time in front of my setup! It made my experiment go as smoothly as possible.

Emile Lakis / Curie Institute, IPGG / Paris, France / February, 2020

I have been using MFCS™-EZ pumps throughout my PhD and postdoc since 2007. When we started the lab in 2016, we equipped it with MFCS™-EZ pumps. Their ease of use and precision makes them a reliable ally for our experiments.

Jean-Léon Maitre / Curie Institute / Paris, France / August, 2018

The Microfluidics Laboratory of the ESPCI has used the Fluigent equipments for almost 10 years. Pressure-driven fluid handling brought a lot of flexibility and robustness in our daily experiments. The MFCS™-EZ is a strong and reliable device, able to adapt to all types of microfluidic experiment. The range complete by adding flow sensors able to transform the MFCS™-EZ into a full flow-rate piloting system with the FRP. Our laboratory trust Fluigent products, engineers, software developers as well as the entire team that makes every day a great job.

Fabrice Monti / MMN Laboratory, IPGG / Paris, France / February 2015

The compact and clever design of the Microfluidic Flow Control System (MFCS™-EZ) in combination with an individual support has greatly brought forward our work with picoliter droplets.

Lisa Mahler / Hans-Knöll-Institut (HKI) / Jena, Germany / February 2014

“As a team working in Droplet based microfluidic we’ve been using Syringe pumps. Involved in a new research program, we decided to switch our former equipment for a Fluigent flow rate control solution Microfluidic flow control system (MFCS™-EZ) + (FLOWELL, old Flow-Rate Platform, with Flow Rate Control Module). We observed a real improvement as this system based on the control of pressure is more responsive and stable. In our specific application microfluidic systems usually need some time to stabilize while the Fluigent solution allows a quick start or stop. It is also very flexible as it allows stopping and restarting the droplet manipulation, the change of reservoir or sample during an experiment, with almost no impact on the experiment. Besides, the pressure regulation enables to limit the maximum pressure applied to the chip and allow us to preserve the integrity of our chip especially those with long channels.”

Raphael Calbrix / Plate-forme de Chimie Biologique Intégrative de Strasbourg (PCBIS) / Ecole supérieure de biotechnologie Strasbourg (ESBS) FRANCE

The ability of the MFCS combined with the Flow-Rate Control Module greatly enhanced our control of the flow rates. The setup is uncomplicated and provides an easy way to directly control the flow rates in multiple channels separately. The desired flow rates are quickly reached and without any subsequent instabilities. The also stay stable over hours without constant supervision. Additionally, it is now possible to stop flows immediately.

Dr. Andrew Hudson / University of Leicester / Leicester, UK / August 2013

“We have found the Fluigent equipment to be very helpful to our microfluidic research on various fluid mechanics and transport problems. For example, in order to investigate diffusion of nano particles inside a microfluidic channel, we originally tried to generate a concentration gradient along a closed channel by constantly flowing solutes across one open end. We recognized the need to generate a steady flow that minimized pressure fluctuation or other perturbations, which we found inevitable with motor-driven pumps. With aid of the Fluigent Microfluidic flow control system (MFCS™-EZ) and Flow-Rate Platform (FRP), we were able to achieve a fluctuation-free, perfectly steady flow, which allowed us to generate a constant concentration along the targeted area. The new research results we have obtained were made possible by the high quality and ease of use of the Fluigent equipment.”

Howard Stone and Sangwoo Shin / Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering / Princeton University, USA

“I really love your system, I bought one MFCS a few months ago and I already want to buy a new one.”

Ryan Sochol / Mechanical engineering department / University of California Berkeley, USA

“We have bought Fluigent flow control solution (MFCS™ + FLOWELL, old Flow-Rate Platform, with Flow Rate Control Module) to replace our usual high precision syringe pumps to generate monodisperse microfluidic droplets. Fluigent solution provides a very efficient and reliable flow rate control as well as a significantly higher stability at low flow rates in comparison with syringe pump-based systems. The whole set-up including both hardware and software is very intuitive and easy to work with.”

Michael Ryckelynck Associate Professor / Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (I.B.M.C.) / UPR-9002 du CNRS, FRANCE

“Dear All, Just to let you know, the pump arrived. I have tested it twice and it is working very well. The pressure control responds almost instantaneously and with high sensitivity. Thanks a lot.”

Andrew E. Ekpenyong / BIOTEChnologische Zentrum / Technischen Universität Dresden, Germany


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