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FLPG+ Pressure Supply Line

Fluigent Low Pressure Generator

The FLPG+ is Fluigent’s lab-bench-scale compressed air solution, which can produce, without any maintenance, high-quality air for all types of microfluidic experiences. This pressure source can supply pressure to Fluigent’s pressure controllers, LineUp™ Flow EZ and MFCS, for positive ranges up to 2 bar. This item contains the pressure source, a manual regulator, and a pressure sensor and display. Three FLPG models are available.


  • High air quality
  • Optimized vibration, low noise level
  • No need to purge condensed water


  • Maximum outlet pressure: 2,3 bar
  • Maximum air flow-rate: 3.2 L/min under 2.1 bar or 5.0 L/min under 1.1 bar
  • Output capacity: 2 bar, up to 4 channels; 1 bar, up to 8 channels

FLPG+ High Pressure Supply - Up to 8 channels (2 bar) or 16 channels (1 bar)


FLPG+ Silent Pressure Supply - Up to 4 channels (2 bar) or 8 channels (1 bar)


FLPG+ with incubator aspiration option


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