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BEOnChip – Be-Doubleflow (box of 10 chips)

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Explore the crosstalk between different 2D and 3D cultures

BE-Doubleflow is Beonchip’s most advanced device. It consists of two perfusable channels connected via a porous membrane. Explore the crosstalk between different 2D and 3D cultures in a biomimetic environment and control the efficiency of the interaction by selecting the optimal pore size for your application. This is the optimal device when a hypoxia environment is needed, for studying the effect of circulating particles (bacteria, immune system, circulating tumor cells) and for endothelium/epithelium barrier when no ALI is needed or when flux plays a role in both sides of the coculture.

Pack of 10 items.


  • Easy to use: Be-Doubleflow is compatible with any type of optical microscopy and its slide format has been chosen for easy handling under a microscope.
  • Easy to connect: Be-Doubleflow is compatible with all microfluidic flow control systems (syringe, peristaltic pumps, pressure control systems, rocker systems…).
  • No unspecific absorption: Unlike in other PDMS devices, Be -Doubleflow is made of lipophobic thermoplastic materials and does not present unspecific drug absorption issues. It allows immunohistochemistry with fluorescent detection.
  • Cell recovery: The cell cultures used in the Be-Doubleflow can be easily recovered for further experimentation.
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