Microfluidics Automation Tool

LineUP™ Series

LineUP™ Series

Forget about how microfluidic experiments used to work!

Fluigent has set new standards combining ease of use and the best performance available

Composed of a stand-alone flow control module (or up to 8), a Link to communicate with external devices and software, the LineUp™ Series is a complete solution to start your experiments in minutes. Spend more time on data and results and not on cumbersome setups

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Flow EZ™

Which power supply is needed for the Flow EZ™?

The power supply needed for the Flow EZ™ is the one provided by Fluigent (24VDC).

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What does “Hot plug and play” mean?

A “hot plug and play” connection means that the device can be connected to the computer while both the device and the computer are powered on, and the operating system recognizes and configures the device automatically, downloading and installing any required drivers without any additional action on the user’s part.

For the Flow EZ™, connecting the pressure supply and the power supply directly turns on the Flow EZ™ module.

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