Microfluidics Automation Tool

LineUP™ Series

LineUP™ Series


  • New flexible modules
  • Stackable unit modules
  • Evolutive platforms at will
  • Plug and play hardware and software

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Fluigent LineUP™ is the best solution with highest performance for microfluidic applications.

Our LineUP™ is composed of different products: a range of modular flow control modules, easily stackable to one another at will, Flow EZ™, reaching the best performance on the market, with available local control thanks to its dial. In addition to these flow controllers, a Link module has been created to communicate with a computer or external device, for a remote control at will.

Our LineUP™ is adaptable to your set-up and its requirements. Add as many Flow EZ™ or Adapt modules you need to your LineUP™, only one power supply and one pressure supply is required!

The LineUP™ Series provides the users with new tools enabling to easily start their microfluidic experiments.


1.       Flow EZ™
2.       Link
 Pressure-regulator-microfluidics-Flow-EZ  Link-for-microfluidics
Most avdanced flow controller for microfluidics, to use with or without a PC, expandable by the users themselves, specifically engineered for microfluidics lab benches. Small and light module to connect all the Flow EZ™ modules to a PC for pressure and flow-rate remote control or an external device with its BNC ports for TTL synchronization.
3.       A-i-O software
4.       Microfluidics Automation Tool
 microfluidic-flow-control  microfluidics-automation
All-in-One Software with an intuitive user interface and a low memory footprint. It includes the capacity to switch from pressure control to flow-rate control in one click. Microfluidics Automation Tool for designing of microfluic-based protocols such as complex flow profiles (ramps, sines, stop-and-flow, etc.) with a grpahic “drag and drop” interface with TTL synchronization available.


Any questions ?

Flow EZ™

Which power supply is needed for the Flow EZ™?

The power supply needed for the Flow EZ™ is the one provided by Fluigent (24VDC).

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What does “Hot plug and play” mean?

A “hot plug and play” connection means that the device can be connected to the computer while both the device and the computer are powered on, and the operating system recognizes and configures the device automatically, downloading and installing any required drivers without any additional action on the user’s part.

For the Flow EZ™, connecting the pressure supply and the power supply directly turns on the Flow EZ™ module.

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