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LineUp™ Push-Pull

LineUp Push-Pull Fluigent pressure and flow controller for positive pressure and vacuum in microfluidics
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The LineUpTM Push-Pull is a stand alone controller with the ability to deliver finely regulated pressure or a vacuum through a single outlet over the range of -800 to +1000 mbar. Suited for any application within this range, it brings the existing benefits of the LineUpTM series with expanded capabilities as well as superior stability and high performance.


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Ease of use

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Control with or without a PC

Pressure & Vacuum Control in one unit

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Modular & Expandable

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Basic microfluidic schema LineUp Push-Pull for fluid andflow control, pressure based

For experiments where combined or alternating pressure and vacuum based fluid movement, aspiration and dispensing can be accurately controlled

Flow Recirculation
The combination of vacuum and pressure can be used to redirect the flow bidirectionally

Deliver small volumes with no waste
When samples from 5µL to 500 µL need to be injected to a chip, the tubing may be used as a reservoir. The main reservoir may be filled with another liquid, or air may be used to drive the liquid introduction


Product information
Part NumberELUPPU1000
Maximum pressure1000 mbar (14.50 psi)
Maximum vacuum-800 mbar (-13.05 psi)
Pressure supply1100 mbar (15.95 psi)
Vacuum supply*From 0 to -800 mbar (from 0 to -13.05 psi)
Pressure stability**500 to 950 mbar (7.25 to 13.78 psi)0,015% CV
143 µbar (0.0021 psi)
-400 to -750 mbar (-5.80 to -10.88 psi)0,050% CV
375 µbar (-0.0054 psi)
Response time***-50% to 50% (-500 to 500 mbar)Down to 30 ms
50% to -50% (500 to -500 mbar)
Hardware specifications
Dimensions L*W*H91,9 * 71,8 * 131 mm
Weight636 g
Electronical specifications
Power consumption6 W
Chemical compatibility
Gas compatibilityDry, oil-free, air (N2 , O2 , CO2), any non corrosive or non explosive gas
Liquid compatibility****Aqueous solvent, oil, organic solvent, biological sample
Software compatibility
Fluigent softwareAll-in-One (A-i-O)
Microfluidic Automation Tool (MAT)
Software Development Kit (SDK)

*Maximum range depends on the vacuum pump performance.
**Stability tested over 30 seconds.
***The response time includes the settling time and the pressurization time of an empty 15 mL reservoir.
****Prevent any liquid from entering the device. A backflow filter or liquid trap reservoir can be used to avoid liquid flowing into pneumatic tubing.

Software Compatibility

Icon of MAT Fluigent software for automation protocole in microfluidic experiments

The LineUP series modules are compatible with Fluigent’s newest software applications:


Connection to the PC

Link module communication hub lineup Fluigent


Flow meter

LineUp Adapt

Pressure reducer
(P/N: LU-ADP-0001)

Adapt pressure reducer Lineup


Pressurized reservoirs

Fluigent P-CAP air-tight metal cap pressurized reservoir with falcon tube

LineUp Flow EZ

Pressure controller

Flow EZ pressure controller Lineup

LineUp supply kit

Pressure & power supply

Fluigent LineUp power and pressure supply kit


Monitoring software

Icon of All in one software by Fluigent


Automation software

Icon for software Microfluidic automation tool by Fluigent


Yes, the LineUp Push-Pull can be used as a regular Flow EZ up to 1000 mbar or a negative Flow EZ down to -900 mbar. Connect the power supply and the required pressure or vacuum source to get the device ready to use. In order to use it with just a vacuum supplied you will have to bypass the pressure check window (see “How to bypass the pressure check window”).


If the input pressure  is too low or too high, the pressure check window will display the current pressure supply value and the target pressure value to operate. Adjust the pressure source to match the target pressure and the operational window will automatically appear.


The pressure check window indicates if the pressure supplied meets the input requirement of the device., One cannot access to the operational window until they provide the required pressure supply value or intentionally bypass the check window.

In order to bypass the pressure check window and directly access to the operational window, one must :

  1. Ensure the LineUp Push-Pull is turned OFF or disconnected from power supply (If a LINK module is connected press and hold the button for several seconds to turn OFF the power)
  2. Reconnect the power supply to the device (or turn the LINK module ON by pressing its button again)
  3. While the device is turning ON, press and hold either the LineUp Push-Pull « P=0 » button (top right) or bottom left button for several seconds in order to bypass the check window.

Please note that if the input pressure goes above the maximum pressure of the device, the device will go into a security mode and lock itself out. This is done to prevent internal damage to the sensors. To unlock, reduce the input pressure and then press the button under the “unlock”  text on the screen (typically bottom left button)

Lexan LineUp Push-Pull to show the different buttons and how to by pass the pressure check window

While using a vacuum or when the reservoir is full, there is a risk of backflow into the pneumatic tubing which could end up going into the device.

One solution would be to insert a backflow filter between the reservoir and the pneumatic tubing however this could affect the device performance by slowing the pressure response time.

When using a vacuum,  a solution is to use a fluid reservoir such as a PCAP to trap any liquid between the device’s fluid outlet and the Flow-EZ vacuum channel

Scheme with LineUp Push-Pull use of an overflow flask to avoid backflow into the device

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