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Digital high-speed microscope 7092 fps

High-speed camera: up to 7092 fps

Adapted for KHz rate droplet microfluidics

High quality optics

Compact microscope

Ready to use 

  • Software
  • Support
  • LED
  • Camera
  • Lens (X5)
Digital high-speend microscope 7092 fps


Microfluidic experiments often require the visualization of events inside microchannels and thus the need of microscopy. Generally, scientists need to control and monitor several devices at the same time such as pumps (Flow EZTM), valves (ESSTM), sensors (FRP) and a microscope. Fluigent high-speed camera is connected with an USB 3.0 wire to a PC where the user can visualize its microfluidic device with the Pixelink Capture Software together with other Fluigent Software (MAT, A-i-O).

The camera has been selected to reach rates up to 7028 fps which is ideal for droplet experiments. Such rates will allow the customer to calculate frequencies of droplet generation and the encapsulation rate with imaging post-treatment.


– Monochrome camera 2592 x 2048 (5.3 MP) up to 7092 fps

– Lens (X5) with objective and zoom (6.5X) including coaxial light inlet

– LED and Fiber Optics

– Support


Digital high-speed microscope 7092 fps specification table

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