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Complex emulsion production platform

The emulsion platform is a fast and easy screening system perform emulsification processes such as simple emulsions and double emulsions. 
Save time with integrated, organized, ready to use platform and get monodispersed complex emulsions rapidly

Complex emulsion production platform

What are the Benefits of the platform

The system is a fully equipped, mounted and controlled tool to  setup complex emulsion, microparticle and microcapsules production processes.

  • Production of robust and high monodisperse emulsion.
  • Simplified handling with an organized system
  • Easy priming and cleaning processes for better robustness
  • Dedicated holder for air bubble troubleshooting
  • Dedicated optics for optimized droplet visualization at high frequency

What can be performed with the platform

The platform is dedicated to droplet (single and double emulsion), microparticle and microcapsule production for encapsulation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or other reagents inside different materials such as polymer (PLGA, UV polymerized materials ) Hydrogels and more…

Single emulsion

Water in Oil

Water In Oil

Oil in Water

Oil in Water

UV polymerised resin microparticle

Resin microparticles

PLGA microparticle

PLGA microparticle

Alginate microparticle

Alginate microbeads

Double emulsion

Water in Oil in Water

Water in OIl in Water

Oil in Water in Oil

Oil in Water in Oil

UV polymerised resin microcapsule

Resin microcapsule

PLGA microcapsules

PLGA microcapsules

Chitosan microcapsules

Chitosan microcapsule

Description of the emulsion platform

The system includes an organized flow path with pressure controllers, filters, flowmeters, and valves to facilitate start-up, shut-down, and cleaning of the system between runs.  Dedicated optics are included to optimise the visualisation of droplet production at high generation frequency.

Flow EZ 

Pressure based flow controler

Icon Fluigent Flow EZ pressure and flow controller

Flow Unit

Flow Sensor

flow unit, flow sensor


Double emulsion production device

raydrop, double emulsion production device


sample reservoir



Connection to the PC

link module

Note: The  platform was developed for the double emulsification process, but it easily adaptable to simple emulsification processes.

Product offering

product offering table

*: Not available as end user product. Only provided inside the platform

icon questions


Double emulsion production station

double emulsion production station
    • Production of either W/O/W or O/W/O double emulsion
    • For microcapsules production additional component needs to be added
    • Suited for a microfluidic user or scientist who wants to build their own setup

Complex emulsion production platform 

Complex emulsion production platform
  • An integrated system for non-microfluidic users and scientists who don’t want to spend time on system design
  • Everything is ready to use for various type of Liquid double emulsions and Microparticle generation

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