Droplet Kit

Droplet Starter Pack

Droplet Starter Pack

Ideal for biologists and chemists who wants to start with microfluidic droplets experiments. Includes the EZ Drop chips, full adapted liquid handling solution and accessories.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy and friendly to use EZ Drop chip
  • No complex connectors
  • From 20 to 100µm droplets and up to 1200 Hz
  • For cell encapsulation or polymer particle formation



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  • droplet-generation-chipPDMS Droplet chips for flow-focused Water-in-Oil droplets
  • 20µm, 50µm and 100µm markers on the PDMS for easy size monitoring
  • Microscope slide dimensions
  • Fast set-up (less than 1 minute)
  • Suited for 1/32” tubing


  • Most simple droplet generation kit
  • Highly monodispersed droplets (with CV < 2%)
  • From 15µm to 100µm diameter droplets
  • Up to 1200 Hz
  • Integrated resistance to avoid back-flows
  • Quality monitoring with a QR code for easy trobleshooting
  • Datasheet with frequency-size abacus and phase diagram included


The Droplet Starter Pack includesdroplet-chip

  • 2 Flow EZ™ for both phases
  • 2 FLOW UNITS for both phases
  • 2 Flow EZ™ supply Kits
  • 2 P-CAP 2 mL for both phases
  • 1 Droplet Kit
    • 3 EZ Drop chips (with 3 microfluidic droplet generators each)
    • 2m 1/32” tubing
    • 2 sleeves
  • 1 LQ Kit
  • 1 P-CAP Kit
  • 1 Tube Cutter


  • A-i-O software and Flow Ez flow controlFluigent All-in-One compatible
  • Local control possible with the Flow EZ™ modules

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Droplet Starter Pack

Can I reorder the EZ Drop chips only?

Of course, the chips can be ordered separately from the whole Droplet Starter Pack. We invite you to get in touch with our sales representatives or with your local distributor.

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Can I know the droplet size with pressure control only?

Yes, the size market at the nozzle are here to help you estimate the size of the droplets you are generating. The Droplet Starter Pack has been designed to have very stable flow-rates, as the microfluidic resistance is mainly within the chip. This means that the flow-rates will stay stable even with pressure control only, thus the droplet sizes.

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Fluigent was the first company to introduce pressure pumps to the microfluidic research market, as opposed to conventional syringe pumps. Today, Fluigent is the only company to introduce a full pressure and flow-rate control solution designed for coupled multi-channel configurations. We have delivered thousands of systems to hundreds of customers worldwide, with two subsidiaries and a strong network of distributors. Our product design and manufacturing activities far exceed simple assembly activities, we master all algorithmic, mechanic, electronical, pneumatic and microfluidic chains. We provide end-user instruments for direct control but also industrial OEM solutions for full integration into complex equipment. Our proprietary technologies enable us to finely tailor your product design to your specific need without relying on fixed pre-packaged external solutions.