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A-i-O software

A-i-O software

Fluigent’s New All-in-One (A-i-O) software is a tool for real-time control of pressures and flow rates. Its modular interface is designed for independent and easy monitoring of all parameters for each channel connected.


Key features :

  • 1 click from pressure to flow-rate control
  • 20ms datalogging sampling frequency
  • automatic instrument detection


The software is compatible with the LineUP™ and the MFCS™ series.
For automated protocols use the MAT software

direct flow rate control microfluidics

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  • Ease of use :
    • Intuitive and ergonomic user interface
    • Enter pressure or flow rate numerically or by using sliders
    • Change from flow rate to pressure control in 1 click
    • Save favourite flow rate and pressure configurations for future use
  • Focus on the experiment :
    • Live monitoring and control
    • Mutli-tasking with independent channel control windows
    • Detect potential blockage in small dimension devices with the intelligent monitoring feature
    • Get more data with 20ms datalogging sampling frequency
  • More useful data :
    • Advanced graphic features : adjustable scale, absolute or relative values, channel display selection, …
    • Export directly to Excel
  • Display up to 16 channels (pressure and flow-rate combined)
  • Customizable user interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts for saved configurations
  • Resizable panel and windows
  • Integrated online help service
  • Low memory footprint (low RAM usage)
  • Compatibilities :
    • Compatible with Windows 7 and higher
    • 32bit and 64bit systems supported
    • A link module is required for use with the LineUP™ series

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Flow EZ™

Which power supply is needed for the Flow EZ™?

The power supply needed for the Flow EZ™ is the one provided by Fluigent (24VDC).

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What does “Hot plug and play” mean?

A “hot plug and play” connection means that the device can be connected to the computer while both the device and the computer are powered on, and the operating system recognizes and configures the device automatically, downloading and installing any required drivers without any additional action on the user’s part.

For the Flow EZ™, connecting the pressure supply and the power supply directly turns on the Flow EZ™ module.

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Fluigent was the first company to introduce pressure pumps to the microfluidic research market, as opposed to conventional syringe pumps. Today, Fluigent is the only company to introduce a full pressure and flow-rate control solution designed for coupled multi-channel configurations. We have delivered thousands of systems to hundreds of customers worldwide, with two subsidiaries and a strong network of distributors. Our product design and manufacturing activities far exceed simple assembly activities, we master all algorithmic, mechanic, electronical, pneumatic and microfluidic chains. We provide end-user instruments for direct control but also industrial OEM solutions for full integration into complex equipment. Our proprietary technologies enable us to finely tailor your product design to your specific need without relying on fixed pre-packaged external solutions.