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Flow-rate control benefits with the FRCM

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What are the benefits of a flow-rate control with the FRCM?

The FRCM is the solution to control flow-rates within your system. The FRCM uses pressure actuation to control flow-rates. This unique algorithm adjusts the ordered pressures automatically to reach the flow-rate set point.

The process can be divided in 4 steps:

  • Identification step to create the internal model: recording of flow-rate responses to pressure orders.
  • The user enters flow-rate set points are via MAESFLO™ software. The FRCM algorithm automatically computes the pressure orders needed to obtain the flow-rate set points.
  • The computed pressure orders are automatically sent to the pressure actuator (MFCS™-EZ or MFCS™-EX) which quickly applies them to the pressurized reservoirs.
  • Finally, the pressure drives the liquids inside the reservoirs through the microsystem. The FRP sends back the measured flow-rates to the FRCM algorithm which compares computed and measured flow-rates.

There are many benefits:

  • Is not sensitive to the transient behavior in the microsystems. It provides a stable behavior even if bubbles or clogging are present.
  • Calculates a global solution (pressure to be applied) for the entire microsystem (tubing, microfluidic chip, …). It reduces the coupling effects between the channels and the transient states.


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