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M-Switch For Cell Selection

How to add an M-SWITCH into a microfluidic experiment?

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How do I add My M-SWITCH™ in my experiment?

This articles concerns only the fluidic connections of the M-SWITCH™. You have all the steps described with pictures, and with a step-by-step procedure below:

  • Cut the 1/16’’ OD tubing to the desired length, leaving a square-cut face. For connecting a plug, take one of the plugs provided by Fluigent.
  • Mark each piece of tubing or plug 24mm from the end (it will be an indicator to ensure that the tubing is fully seated).
  • Loosen the Spanner adequately to release the ferrules of the integrated fittings.
  • Insert the piece of tubing or plug in one port and push it all the way to the bottom of the port. The mark made at step 2 should be approximately flush with the top of the ram when tubing is fully seated.
  • Once tubing or plugs have been inserted in all ports, tighten the spanner to clench the fittings around tubing and plugs and have a tight connection. To check the tightness of your connection, you may pull gently on the tubing and plugs: they must stay fitted in the integrated fittings.
  • Warning:
  • The M-SWITCH™ device can only be connected with 1/16’’ OD tubing.
  • All ports need to be connected: Use plugs on the non-used ports.
  • Use the same tubing material (PEEK/FEP) on all the ports to have a well tighten of the spanner.
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