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Development of an in vitro Innervated and Vascularized Muscle On a Chip

In the Myochip project, Fluigent, in collaboration with Instituto de Medicina Molecular, University of Edingburgh, and Institut Curie, will develop an organ on chip platform that reproduces the structure and function  of skeletal muscles.

This ambitious and innovative muscle model will be the first one to contain both myofibers and the associated microvasculature and innervation. Instituto de Medicina Molecular will differentiate hIPSC into the various relevant cell types. University of Edingburgh will provide computational modeling to optimize experimental iterations. Institut Curie and Fluigent will design a fully integrated biochip platform providing cells the proper microstructured scaffold and appropriate perfusion to guide their assembly in a coherent skeletal muscle tissue.

This physiologically relevant platform has numerous applications including myogenesis, muscle regeneration & aging, drug testing , prosthetics and robotics. The project is funded by the European Union’s Future and Emerging Technologies program.

This will lead to many opportunities, follow us to stay informed : &

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