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Pressure Based Flow Controller
for Industry : PX-SERIES

The newest member of our OEM product line, the PX-Series, is the most versatile industrial pressure controller. The PX-Series is fast and stable thanks to our field proven, patented FASTAB™ Technology.

The PX-Series is designed for OEM integration in industrial environments. Its RS232 and USB ports ensure its communication with any system.


  • High-Quality Pressure Control
  • Unmatched Price-Performance Ratio
  • Designed for OEM Integration

Benefits of PX-SERIES

1. High Quality Pressure Control

Fluigent has recently introduced the new PX pressure controller for integrated fluid handling in OEM systems. This series of miniaturized systems combines the excellent performance of the patented, field proven Fastab™ technology for optimal flow control with the robustness required in demanding industrial environments.

2. Unmatched Price-Performance Ratio

3. Designed for OEM Integration

The PX module is a CE and RoHS compliant single controller available in 3 pressure ranges.
It has been designed to maximize versatility with its dual interface USB and RS232 ports and is delivered with a full software package (SDK) to ease integration into Windows or Linux based software platforms.

Specification of the PX-Series

Pressure ranges 0 to 1000 mbar 0 to 2000 mbar 0 to -600 mbar
Pressure sensor resolution ± 0.3 mbar ± 0.6 mbar ± 0.3 mbar
Size Very compact module 83x26x62mm = 134 cm3
Weight 192 g
Outlet Connector 4 mm OD speedfit
Media No corrosive or exposive gas (air, N2, Ar, O2...)
Stability (coefficient of variation) <0,5% full scale - on measured values

FASTAB™ Microfluidic Patented Technology

Legacy microfluidic control systems such as syringe, peristaltic or piston pumps are poorly adapted to the manipulation of fluid volumes in the sub microliter range.This leads to long equilibration times, irreproducibility and pulsation.

To solve this, Fluigent developed the patented FASTAB™ technology: a pressure driven technology that has no moving parts and includes an advanced feedback control algorithm to maintain precise pressure control.

Based on the FASTAB™ technology, the PX series are compatible with any microfluidic application, from simple droplet generation to organ-on-a-chip experiments.

higher stability graph

Product Number

Name Model Pressure Range in mbar Product Number
PX-SERIES PX-1 0 to 1000 ICPX11
PX-2 0 to 2000 ICPX21
PX-V 0 to -600 ICPXV1

Software Compatibility

The PX-Series are compatible with multiple software platforms:

  • Microfluidic Automation Tool: designed for the automation of sequences of commands and the establishment of complex protocols. More information »
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux platforms
  • Enable your software team to program with C/C++, C #, Python
  • IDE integration for LabVIEW, MATLAB
software MAT Screenshot

Screenshot of the MAT interface

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