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Standard OEM Components

State of the art, integrable building blocks to handle fluids in industrial systems.

For any industry and application where automated liquid control is needed, our range of, standard, high-performance, reliable, products ease the building of a flow control system for your device.

Compact, with standard fluid connections and our software and SDK libraries, our products can easily be integrated across various applications.

Standard Oem Components PX Pressure Source 2
Standard Oem Components PX Pressure Source 2
RX Standard Oem Components 2
FS SERIES OEM_Microfluidic_Flow- 2
Switch Standard Oem Components 2

Control your flow
Pressure Based Flow Controller: PX-SERIES

Standard oem Components PX pressure source 2

The PX-Series, basic single-channel industrial pressure controllers, designed for OEM integration

  • Available for vacuum and pressures of up to 7 bar
  • Best in class stability <0.5% thanks to our field-proven, patented FASTAB™ Technology
  • RS232 and USB ports to ensure communication with any system

Get a stable pressure source

RX Standard oem Components 2

The RX pressure source is designed for OEM integration or to used as a standalone pressure source.

  • Up to 2500 mbar, max flow 5.6 l/min
  • Provides dried and filtered air
  • USB or RS232 connection for control and integration

Keep track of your Flow rate
FS Serie of Flow Rate sensor

FS SERIES OEM_Microfluidic_Flow- 2

FS series contact calorific flowsensors work seamlessly with Fluigent flow controllers

  • Ideal for flow rates from 7 nl/min – 5ml/min
  • Calibrated to your liquids
  • High repeatability

Inject and switch different flow paths
Microfluidic Valves and Switches

Switch Standard oem Components 2

Valve and switch platform for directing fluid flow, including bidirectional and rotary multi-port port valves

  • Fast response
  • Low internal volume and minimal dead volume
  • Fully automated with in house software or SDK libraries


CASE 1 : Flow control for Lab-on-Chip

Case 1 Standard oem Components- organ on chip jpeg


A photonic technology institute tests a variatey of lab-on-chip systems, the number of flow channels and the required pressures vary from one test to another.


Due to its individually stackable channels adapted for different pressures, the PX series allowed for control of the different pressure variations required.



The PX Pressure-driven flow control simplifies fluid management even for multiple fluids, and reduces the time needed to add or remove channels. It provides flexibility without compromising performance (accuracy and response time).

CASE 2 : Waste water testing

Case 2 Standard oem Components rotary jpg


An established company makes wastewater testing systems using syringe pumps. The system draws samples and reagents from multiple reservoirs. The moving seals on the syringe pump break often and cause device failure and wasted reagent.



Fluigent proposed a 10 port M switch rotary valve powered by a pressure pump which doesn’t use moving seals.


The Fluigent solution eliminated leakage and decreased overall reagent consumption due to a lower internal volume.

CASE 3 : Vaccine development platform

Case 3 Standard oem Components- RX vaccine


This start-up distributes an innovative vaccine development platform which uses pressure based microfluidics. Not all users have compressed air available on site.



The RX pressure source is proposed as an option with the platform as an external component.


Availability of air is no longer a roadblock, users enjoy the reliability of RX due to its optimal performance and drying functionality.

Why trust us?

  • More than 1,800 publications referencing Fluigent
  • We bring cutting edge technologies into your application
  • Fifteen years of experience in the microfluidic ecosystem
  • World class quality ISO 9001
  • Industrial design & manufacturing capability
  • Scalable and cost effective


3 offers to best fit your needs.

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