Organ on a chip Towards the next generation of cell culture platforms
December 10th 2020


Fluigent and Beonchip are partnering to offer a complete solution for organ on-chip.

This webinar will first introduce Beonchip, their chips and the numerous applications that can be performed.

The second part will focus on flow control systems. Although often considered secondary, flow control is as important as chip design as cells are highly sensitive to mechanical forces. Results demonstrate how cells are affected by peristaltic pumps compared to pressure control systems.

Organ on chip study is an emerging field that brings substantial benefits compared to conventional cell culture. In many labs, considerable effort is put in choosing the right chip design, but the impact of flow control is still undetermined.

It is our intent to create awareness of the importance of flow and its effects on one’s studies.

Read our expertise page to know more about the benefits of flow control in cell culture, learn more about our products and those of our partners (Beonchip) as well as reach out to our team of experts to find a solution that best meets your needs.


Marine Verhulsel, Product manager, Fluigent

Luis Serrano, Head of sales and business development, BEONCHIP S. L.

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