How to turn your fluorescence microscope into a spatial omics platform

Current approaches in genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics yield quantitative abundance analysis of biomolecules on an almost routine basis, with paramount impacts in the life sciences.

However, coupling this high content to spatial information in a single cell and tissue context is still a challenge and where our efforts are presently focusing.
December 15th 2020

In this webinar, I will share my facility experience on how to build spatial omics platforms.

First, I will provide an overview and comparison of microscopy-based methods for spatial omics. Then, I will present details and resources on how to build such a platform.

Finally, I will show the existing available tools for image and data analysis associated with these methods.

It is my hope that our experience can serve others in the road ahead to decide which technique is best for their applications and to assist in their implementation.

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Alvaro Crevenna: Head of Microscopy, EMBL Rome
Dale Clark: Chief Operating Officer, Bioptechs Inc.

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