Automate Cellular Studies with Aria
April 16th 2020


Get the success you deserve with Fluigent’s new perfusion system, Aria that takes care of fluid delivery for you.

If your experiments require precise timed delivery of reagents, probes, fluorophores, etc. while minimizing operator interaction, look no further than our new generation instrument for automating cellular perfusion studies, Aria.

Based on input from our customers, protocols requiring delivering more than one solution demand large amounts of time to set up, as well as significant operator interaction.

The Aria provides rapid experimental setup, ease of use, and can automate even multi-day protocols. It can interface with many microscopes to further simplify the process of reagent delivery and imaging. Aria is the best solution to automate your lab work.

Highly flexible, it can adapt to any perfusion chamber and any protocol thanks to its intuitive software.

Aria is also a tool to automate complex protocols for live-cell imaging (immunostaining, omics applications, radio-metric imaging).

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Marine Verhulsel: Product manager, Fluigent
William César: R&D project manager, Fluigent
Mathieu Steiner: Ingénieur software, Fluigent

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