Microfluidic Research Equipment

Fluigent is an international company that develops, manufactures and supports the most advanced fluid control systems available for microfluidics.

We offer modern microfluidic research equipment and components that enhance productivity. Whether your application utilizes droplets, cell biology, particle studies, or components of other research areas, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most cost-effective and technically advanced solutions for your fluid control needs.

Organ-on-chip Platform

Fluigent microfluidic research equipment presents OxyGEN : 

Interact with your instruments through an all-in-one screen to control and monitor pressures, flow rates, valve positions and more in real time. Other capabilities include the ability to build time-based protocols and automate any experiment.

Instruments & Packages

The wide variety of solutions offered by Fluigent for use in microfluidic and nanofluidic applications provide more control, automation, precision, and usability. If you’re looking to replace high-precision syringe pumps or other conventional devices, we provide cutting-edge microfluidic systems and components that increase productivity. 

Our innovative pressure-based microfluidic controllers are compatible with lab on a chip device and a wide variety of microfluidic technologies that will allow users to focus on the science, not on the setup.

Our microfluidic research equipment has been tested in a large number of applications in various industries (life science, water management, cosmetics , food, etc.). We offer flow and pressure controllers that ensure results with high precision and reproducibility due to their pulseless flow, sensors that control and monitor flow rate directly, microfluidic valves, vacuum and pressure sources, microfluidic chips for droplet generation and for organ-on-a-chip studies, and various accessories perfect for your set up.

Research applications

Fluigent was the first company to introduce pressure-driven flow control to the microfluidic research market as opposed to conventional syringe and peristaltic pumps. 

As a pioneer in microfluidics, we set the standard for microfluidic control and strive to stay on the cutting edge of science.  We created content on microfluidics, microfluidic devices, comparison, and much more to share with the scientific community.  

Our microfluidic research equipment allows us to obtain optimal and promising results in all fields of research. In cellular analysis, flow control is a very important parameter, allowing non-invasive studies at the single-cell level and improving precision. 

In organ-on-a-chip & cell culture studies, microfluidics enables one the unique ability to control a cellular microenvironment with high spatiotemporal precision and to present cells with mechanical and biochemical signals in a more physiologically relevant context.

In cell biology, precise flow control, combined with microscopy tools and cell biology experiments, allows for the creation of an automated environment where the cell can grow in the relevant physiological environment.

In droplet & particle generation, our microfluidic research equipment allows users to carry out experiments where high monodispersity and reproducibility are required (digital PCR, single-cell encapsulation in droplets etc.), as well as in cases where an expensive API is used, as it greatly reduces waste.

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