Microfluidic Low Pressure Generator

    FLPG Plus

    The FLPG+ is Fluigent’s lab-bench-scale compressed air solution, which can produce, without any maintenance, high-quality air for all types of microfluidic experiences. This pressure source can supply pressure to Fluigent’s pressure controllers, LineUp Flow EZ™ , Push-Pull and MFCS™ series, for positive ranges up to 2 bar. Three FLPG models are available depending on the user's needs (high pressure, silent, incubated air)

    Main benefits
    • Quality

      High air quality

    • Silent

      Low vibration & noise level

    • Save time

      No need to purge

    • Adaptable

      Locally control output


    FLPG+ High Pressure Supply

    The version with a high capacity of pressurization that can supply up to 8 channels at 2 bar or 16 channels at 1 bar.

    FLPG+ with incubator aspiration

    The version of the compressor with an additional inlet to compress air from an incubator.

    FLPG+ Silent Pressure Supply

    The silent version of the compressor that can supply up to 4 channels at 2 bar or 8 channels at 1 bar.

    Local control and display

    Adjust manually the output pressure using the dial and check the value using the LCD screen.

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    Maximum output pressure2.3 bar
    Maximum airflow-rate3.2 L/min under 2.1 bar or 2.0 L/min under 1.1bar
    Output capacity (high pressure version)2 bar: up to 8 channels
    1 bar: up to 16 channels
    Output capacity (silent pressure version)2 bar: up to 4 channels
    1 bar: up to 8 channels


    Dimensions180 x 160 x 270 mm


    Power supply24 V (max 2 A)

    What is the power supply ofthe FLPG ?

    The power supply needed is the one provided by Fluigent (24VDC).

    How to use my FLPG?

    How to use a FLPG
    • Press the ON/OFF button (box #2 on the picture)
    • Connect the output pressure line to the MFCS™-EZ or MFCS™-EX (box #3 on the picture)
    • Set the manual regulator (box #4 on the picture). The display (box #1 on the picture) shows you the value of the FLPG generated pressure.

    How many pressure channels can be supplied by the FLPG?

    Our FLPG can provide 2 bar for up to 4 pressure channels or 1 bar up to 8 channels. Other configurations are possible, please contact us for detailed configurations.

    How can I purge the air dryer?

    How to purge the air dryer

    In order to clear out the air dryer (water coming from condensation) you have to push on the white part of the air dryer as on the picture below.

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