Immunostaining Pack


    A ready-to-use package for sequential injection of multiple fluids for cell or tissue staining

    The Immunostaining Package provides stable and automated delivery of up to 10 different fluids to a single cell culture chamber.

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    Main benefits
    • Easy

      Simple connections

    • Biocompatible
      Designed for cell biology

      Contamination-free, Sterile environment 

    • compact

      Inject up to 10 different samples

    • Versatility

      Possibility to heat or agitate reservoir 


    Complete system

    All components necessary for immunostaining included in the package.


    This package can be used for diverse applications, and with any microfluidic chip.

    The reservoirs can be easily manipulated, to be heated or agitated for example.

    Stable flow rate & short switching time

    Fluigent’s products allow for a very stable delivery and a short switching time for the best results in immunostaining.

    Dedicated protocol

    Build customized, time-based protocols to save time and reduce variability with our user-friendly software OxyGEN.

    Our software allows easy and complete protocol automation.

    Large volume sample

    Ten injection reservoirs allow for the manipulation of large volumes of samples.

    A large range of pressure and flow rates are available thanks to our pressure based flow controller.

    Sequential injections

    Up to 10 sequentially selected liquids be delivered to a chip by the M-SWITCH. The samples at the outlet of the chip may also be sorted using a 2-SWITCH either into a collection tube or to waste.

    User-friendly software (OxyGEN) is available for each step.

    Related applications

    • Immunostaining
    • Chip preparation : Chip coating, cell loading, cell incubation

    Main products of the Immunostaining package

    setup Immunostaining Package manifold hidden
    Fig 1 : Complete Setup of the Immunostaining Package



    Our Immunostaining Package contains the following :

    LineUp Flow EZ pressure controller (1000 mbar) (x1)
    LineUp LINK Module (software control) (x1)
    FLOW UNIT M (x1)
    2-SWITCH (x1)
    SWITCH EZ (x1)
    P-CAP series 15 mL (x12)
    M-SWITCH (x1)
    10 Position Pressure Manifold (x1)
    perfusion package setup
    Fig 2 : Complete Schematic of the Immunostaining Package
    Setup Immunostaining Package with manifold
    Fig 3 : Complete Setup of the Immunostaining Package


    ProductPart number
    1*Flow EZLU-FEZ-1000
    1*LINK moduleLU-LNK-0002


    ProductPart number
    12*15 mL Pcap with 15 mL Falcon tubeP-CAP15-HP
    1*10 Position Pressure ManifoldCTQ-MANI


    ProductPart number
    1*Flow unit M FLU-M-D


    ProductPart number
    Tubing and connection Kit P-CAP 15mL
    FEP tubing with an ID of 500 microns
    1*Tubing and connection Kit 2-SWITCH CTQ-KIT-2SW2
    1*Tubing and connection Kit Flow UNIT MCTQ-KIT-LQ
    1*Tubing and connection Kit M-SWITCHCTQ-KIT-ESSMSW003


    Real-time control, automated protocol, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

    See the offer

    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

    See the offer

    “We have been using Fluigent’s M-SWITCH, amongst other accessories, including Flow EZ system, flow controllers,  for the past 5 years. We are pleased with its performance, especially the programmability and automation of fluid flow that relieves the user of the need to be present next to the experiments that run for several hours. We found the software interface to be simple to use and could count on the team’s assistance for friendly recommendations and support.”

    Sivashankar Krishnamoorthy Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) 

    Expertise & resources

    For more integration

    For a completely integrated, ready-to-use, and intuitive system to perform sequential perfusion and immunostaining experiments, Aria is the designated product.  

    Aria is our automated solution for cellular perfusion or timed injection protocols. Aria allows one to automate delivery up to 10 different solutions into a chamber or microfluidic chip by following user defined protocols.

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