Bubble Trap


    Air Bubbles Removal

    Remove air bubbles from your system.

    The Bubble Trap from Fluigent is a device suitable for aqueous stream flows, perfectly fit to prevent air bubbles from entering a microfluidic system. Bubbles are usually unwanted in microfluidic experiments, and this item achieves their removal. Based on a porous membrane inside the trap, the Bubble Trap prevents high instabilities in the flowrate, high shear stress variation, and damages to the microfluidic system.

    Main benefits
    • compact

      Uses minimum bench space

    • Intuitive

      Standard and easy connection


    Maximum pressureUp to 2 bar
    Maximum flow rateUp to 5 mL/min
    Connection1/4-28 flangeless fittings
    Weight450 g

    • This item is not autoclavable
    • This item should not be used with organic solvent
    • The membrane lifetime depends on the kind of fluids being used

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