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Fluifent in the big bang theory series

Fluigent in “The Big Bang Theory”

Have you also spotted Fluigent in the famous series The Big Bang Theory?

It’s a fact that The Big Bang Theory is one of the most viewed series of all time. We see a group of friends all physics researchers who try to perform their experiments, find answers, make discoveries and patent their ideas. An atmosphere which is not so unknown to us because it is similar to our daily work environment.

In this season Leonard, Sheldon and Howard, three of the principal characters work on a new technology which can take over the standard GPS with the help of military subventions. In episode 15, they have to balance the flow-rates within microfluidic channels. That means they need microfluidic movement control technology! To illustrate it, the scriptwriters decided to display a few microfluidic pictures on the computer screens.

This is when Fluigent appears: on the right high corner of the screen behind Leonard’s bag, you can recognise our MAESFLO™ software. It is an honour to be considered as one of the way to illustrate realistically that the characters in the scene are working on microfluidics. Besides, all the LABView panels you can see are from our software Developments Kits (SDKs) that helps our customers to develop their own software designed specifically for their application.

You can also notice the picture of the “multiple Droplet Encapsulation” on the left screen. The data comes from the Review “designer emulsions using microfluidics” from Rhutesh K. Shah et al. And David Weitz that was published in 2008. If you want to have a look, the content is on open access on the Science Direct website.

Update am 13. April:

Fluigent has appeared in another episode, As the characters meet again in the lab, our MAESFLO ™ software is back on screens. The decision to accept Fluigent in the scenery was not pure coincidence. We are waiting with impatience the end of the series season.


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