France Hamber

France Hamber, CEO

After a PhD in chemical engineering, France joined Air Liquide group where she held management...

Nour Yakdi

Nour Yakdi, Technical Sales Manager

Nour joined the Sales team in 2016 following completion of his PhD in microfluidics,...

Robert Pelletier, President of Fluigent, Inc.

With a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Massachusetts and a MBA from Suffolk...

Robert Pelletier

Simon Renard, Managing Director of Fluigent...

Simon established Fluigent Deutschland GmbH in 2014 in Jena. He always had an interest in...

Simon Renard
Maximilien Guérin

Maximilien Guérin, International Distributor...

Max joined the Sales team in 2012 after working in stem cell genetic engineering at Cellectis. He...

William César

William César, R&D Engineer

William joined the R&D team in 2016. He obtained his PhD focusing on micro-chromatography at...

Marine Verhulsel, Life Sciences Product Manager

Marine joined Fluigent in 2017 after a PhD on organ-on-chips and a post-doc on innovative 3D...

Marine Verhulsel

Lionel Matthys, Product Manager

After obtaining an engineering degree at Sup’Biotech, Lionel worked at Ikerlan Coop as Biological...

Lionel Matthys
Benjamin Rouffet

Benjamin Rouffet, Software Development Manager

After graduating from the INSA Toulouse Engineering School, Benjamin was hired as software...

Clémence Vergne

Clémence Vergne, Project Manager

Clémence joined the R&D team in 2013 after completing her PhD in microfluidics and colloidal...

M’Béssi Gakosso, Quality Manager

M’Béssi joined us in 2011 after obtaining a MS degree in Quality Management in Université de...

M'Béssi Gakosso

Cristian Glavana, Software Developer

Christian joined the R&D team in 2015. Before that, he worked on various project including test...

Cristian Glavana
Marine Renou

Marine Renou, Customer Support Manager

Marine joined the Customer Support team in 2015 after graduating from the Telecom Physique...

Felix Rogowitz

Felix Rogowitz, Application and Service Engineer

Felix obtained his MSc in Precision Mechanical Engineering from the Ernst-Abbe University in Jena,...

Krzysztof Kludys, Production Manager

Krzysztof graduated from the University of Paris-Sud before working on a test bench at EADS on the...

Krzysztof Kludys

Aminata Tamba, Office Manager

Aminata joined us in 2014. She is responsible for all the human resources and supplier account...

Aminata Tamba
Geoffrey Quiroz

Geoffrey Quiroz, Production Expert

Geoffrey joined the production team 2013. He obtained a Superior Technical Diploma in...

Kejian Wang

Kejian Wang, R&D Engineer

Kejian joined the R&D Team in 2016 after graduating from the ESPCI Paris Engineering School and...

Kathrin Willing, Office Managerin

Kathrin Willing completed her studies in German at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and...

Kathrin Thorleuchter

Thibaut Thupnot, Marketing Manager

Thibaut joined us in 2014 after a Master degree in Microfluidics from the IPGG and graduating from...

Thibaut Thupnot