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France Hamber Fluigent CEO

France Hamber, CEO

After a PhD in chemical engineering, France joined Air Liquide group where she held management positions and had the opportunity to bring products from R&D to industrial production. She joined us in 2015 and is focused on building a successful and ambitious strategy, developing our product and technology innovation to meet our customer requirements

Sabine Mercier, CFO/HRD

Sabine joined us in March 2018, motivated by the Entrepreneurial challenge and the Innovative environment of the company. She has a very international experience particularly in Asia and Europe. Her background of structured group and luxury industry in LVMH will help Fluigent to step-up in its ambitious development.

Sabine Mercier Fluigent CFO RH
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Catherine Fayette,
Office Manager (France)

Catherine joined Fluigent in April 2019. Her strong experience in human-sized and fast-growing companies (in particular CRO) is a real asset for Fluigent, where she is in charge of HR administration and supplier accounting. She also works on many cross-functional functions.

Louise Valls,
Talent Manager

After a Master in Human Resources in IAE Gustave Eiffel, Louise joined Fluigent on a Talent Manager role in 2020. She brings her dynamism and experiences from the highly skilled and competitive food and tech sectors, to attract, integrate and retain talents in Fluigent’s Team.

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Morgan Schauinger Fluigent Sales administration manager

Morgane Schauinger,
Sales administration Manager

Morgane joined Fluigent in August 2018, with a strong experience in back-office for Luxury products, Optics and distribution. She brings her administrative savoir-faire in customer relationship and export regulation to satisfy the client.

Nour Yakdi,
Technical Sales Director

Nour joined the Sales team in 2016 following completion of his PhD in microfluidics, microfabrication and electrochemistry at the Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris. Nour is easy to talk to, and can quickly understand the expectations of scientists in his area, thanks to his experience in academic research at such a high level. Moreover, he is fluent in five different languages!

Nour Yakdi


Boris graduated in 2011 from SKEMA Business School. After various export experiences both in Biology and Ophtalmology, he joined Fluigent in  early 2019 and is in charge of Fluigent distribution network in Asia Pacific region.

Technical Sales Engineer

Aurélie graduated from the Grenoble Institute of Technology – Phelma. After an internship in microfluidics at Grenoble CEA , she has joined Fluigent in 2018 as Technical Sales specialist. Providing strong skills and expertise in droplets, encapsulation and cell culture she assists Fluigent researchers in the optimization of their experimental setups.

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Rodolphe Henri,
Customer Support & Success Engineer

After obtaining a master’s degree in Material Science at EPFL, Rodolphe has joined Fluigent in 2020 as Customer Support & Success Engineer. His technical background acquired during his studies, internship at Logitech and master’s thesis at McGill University allows him to understand clients requests and therefore to propose some potential solutions. His sense of service and his excellent relational side are a great benefit for helping Fluigent users in need of assistance.

Arnaud Cartier,
Marketing Director

After biotechnology and marketing studies, Arnaud joined Mettler Toledo then Novozymes where he held marketing and sales positions focusing on building partnerships worldwide and delivering great technologies. He joined us in November 2019 and is focused on strengthening our customer centric approach in every step of our innovation.

Bastien Cotte Fluigent Marketing and Communication manager

Bastien COTTE,
Marketing & Communication Manager

Bastien joined the marketing team in May 2018. With a master degree in general biology and a mixed background of Communication, Marketing and Sales, he has developped a strong customer focus approach. Working with a reagent supplier in life sciences, he specialized in cellular analysis and has now a goood knowledge of the biological research fields.

Marine Verhulsel,
Life Sciences Product Manager

Marine joined Fluigent in 2017 after a PhD on organ-on-chips and a post-doc on innovative 3D cellular models at Institut Curie. She is responsible for Life Science applications and develops cutting-edge user-friendly instruments internally and through national and international collaborative projects.

Marine Verhulsel Fluigent Life sciences product manager

Adam Meziane,
Field Application Specialist

Adam joined the Fluigent in 2016. He graduated from the Telecom Physique Strasbourg Engineering School and obtained as well an MSc in micro and nano electronics. His pluri-disciplinary skills and his open mind are an asset for various projects, from support experiments in microfluidic intrumentation to software implementations.

Alexis Rezgui,
Product Manager

With the obtention of an engineering master degree specialized in marketing at Sup’Biotech Paris school of biotechnology, and after completing two internships within the marketing service, Alexis has joined Fluigent in 2019 as a Product Manager of the end-user product line. He also brought skills to the company such as video editing and designing to develop and harmonize Fluigent new image.

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Jacques Pechdimaljian,
OEM Product Manager

Jacques joined Fluigent in 2020. His background is industrial and energy, he holds masters degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration. Jacques is the OEM product manager and his primary objective is to accelerate the adoption of Fluigent solutions by the OEM segment. In his most recent experience, he held the position of Product Marketing Manager for Europe at Ingersoll Rand, where he managed a portfolio of pumps destined to chemical and OEM markets.

Bruno Charlety,
Application Engineer

Bruno joined Fluigent in 2020. Graduated from EPFL, Bruno has developed a strong interest in microfluidics during his studies and achieved his master thesis at IBM Research. His technical background and his positive attitude make him a perfect fit for Fluigent within the marketing team.

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Serge Renouard Fluigent Research and Development R&D director

Serge Renouard,
R&D Director

Serge is graduated from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) and has multiple years of experience in R&D team management within medium and large organisations. In 2010 he founded an IoT stratup where he leads a multidisciplinary team of engineers to develop life changing products. Passionate by innovation and design, he joined Fluigent in May 2019 to accelerate its developments driven by innovation.

Cristian Glavana,
R&D Software Developer

Christian joined the R&D team in 2015. Before that, he worked on various project including test benches and various fields from medical to aeronautics. Graduated from the INSA CVL Engineering School in automated systems, his specialities include embedded systems and (many) computer languages.

Cristian Glavana
Our Coworker Mathieu at Fluigent

Mathieu Steiner,
R&D Software Developer

Mathieu joined the R&D team in 2017 with a 10 years experience in the testing & measurement field at National Instruments and Safran. He graduated from Grenoble Electronics and Microelectronics Engineering School.

Ygor Oliveira da Guarda, R&D Software Developer

Ygor joined Fluigent in 2017, following a Health IT degree from Télécom Physique Strasbourg and an Electrical Engineering degree from the Federal University of Bahia. His background allows him to bridge the gap between electronics, software and user applications.

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Mikael Trellet,
R&D Engineer

Following a phD on visual analytics of molecular data in 3D environments in Paris-Sud, Mikael was a postdoctoral researcher in Utrecht (NL) where he worked on providing access to computing resources and designing expert programs in the field of structural biology. He joined Fluigent’s R&D team in 2019 and he is part of the software design and development effort.

Radoslaw Pudelko,
R&D Software Developper

Radek joined the R&D team in 2020 with an experience in software engineering in the automotive industry. He graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow with MSc in Automatic Control and Robotics. During the last year of his studies, he completed a student exchange at ECE Paris majoring in Information Systems. His responsibilities include, among others, developing new internal and external software solutions and maintaining existing ones.

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Laura Lelli,
R&D Engineer

Laura joined the R&D team in February 2018. She graduated from UTBM (University of technology Belfort Montbéliard) and obtained an engineering degree in mechanical ergonomic and product design. Her studies and experience at Buffet Crampon (manufacturer of woodwind musical instruments) allow her to take part in the development of new products and  applications.

Arnaud Reitz,
R&D Engineer

Arnaud graduated from ESPCI after a master in microfluidics at IPGG. His background in droplet microfluidics and instrumentation aquired in his previous experiences makes him a strong addition to the R&D team

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William Cesar Fluigent Research and development R&D engineer

William César,
R&D Project Manager

William joined the R&D team in 2016. He obtained his PhD focusing on micro-chromatography at Université Paris-Est and completed his M.Sc. in electrical engineering working on microfluidic 3D-chip cooling at EPFL and IBM. He is now in charge of the development of innovative products, technologies and custom integrated solutions.

Nicolas Lafitte,
R&D Engineer

Nicolas joined the R&D team in 2018 after 9 years in Japan in the LIMMS laboratory (CNRS/University of Tokyo) and Santec Corporation. He developed silicon microsystems for biology (DNA molecules characterization), telecommunications (integrated RF oscillators) and medicine (tunable lasers for OCT imaging).

Nicolas Lafitte Fluigent Research and Development R&D engineer
Kejian Wang

Kejian Wang,
R&D Engineer

Kejian joined the R&D Team in 2016 after graduating from the ESPCI Paris Engineering School and the Technology and Innovation M.S. from PSL. He works at the frontier of many fields, as he has multi-disciplinary skills in mechanics, physics and technical design.

Charlotte Bouquerel
PhD Student

After a master degree at Pierre Gilles de Gennes Institute and three internships in the microfluidic field at ESPCi, MIT-Singapore and Institut Pasteur, Charlotte started her phD at Fluigent in December 2019. Her project focus on reproducing the tumor microenvironment in a tumor-on-chip model. In between Institut Curie, Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes and Fluigent, she works at the intersection of product development and cellular biology.

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MBéssi Gakosso,
Quality Manager

M’Béssi joined us in 2011 after obtaining a MS degree in Quality Management in Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines, near Paris. Open-minded and versatile, he is in charge of our quality strategy to always improve our workflow, with tools such as our ISO 9001 certification.

Krzysztof Kludys,
Production Manager

Krzysztof graduated from the University of Paris-Sud before working on a test bench at EADS on the Ariane space rocket. He joined us in 2008 and is now in charge of the assembly line management as well as the stock management. His expertise and curiosity in logistics is essential to our product quality.

Krzysztof Kludys
Geoffrey Quiroz

Geoffrey Quiroz,
Production Expert

Geoffrey joined the production team in 2013. He obtained a Superior Technical Diploma in electrotechnical science and is now in charge of the whole product assembly, from pneumatics to mechanics as well as electronics. His passion for his work makes him a rigorous executive for every manufactured product.

Anthony Fievez,
Purchasing Expert

Anthony has joined the team in 2017. He obtained a Superior Technical Diploma in mechanical engineering and is in charge of the Purchasing department for the Production as well as R&D activities. His senses of rigour and negociation are important for the development of the company.

anthony Fievez

Nicolas Robert,
Logistics Manager

Nicolas has an experience of more than 20 years in logistics. He worked with big companies such as Hermes Sellier and la FNAC in Paris area. With his strong knowledge Nicolas decided to join Fluigent in 2018 for its human size and the idea to bring the company to the next level.

Robert Pelletier,
President of Fluigent Inc.

With a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Massachusetts and a MBA from Suffolk University, Robert has held senior management roles for life science tools companies, including creating North American subsidiaries for European manufacturers. Prior to joining Fluigent in 2014, he was Vice President, Business Development for Harvard Apparatus with responsibility for the global fluidics business.

Robert Pelletier

Mark Aruda, Product specialist

Mark joined Fluigent in March of 2018 after obtaining his MSE in Mechanical Engineering concentrating in design and manufacturing at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He is responsible for customer support, demonstrations, and application development at Fluigent Inc.

Simon Renard, Managing Director of FLUIGENT GmbH,
OEM Product Manager

Simon established Fluigent Deutschland GmbH in 2014 in Jena. He always had an interest in experimental fluid mechanics. Many years ago, he moved from France to Germany and graduated in physics at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Before founding a start-up for biotech instrumentation, he held the position of R&D leader of the liquid handing group at CyBio and specialist for lab automation at PerkinElmer.

Simon Renard

Rainer KNOCH,
Technical Sales

Rainer did his MSc in Optometry/ Vision Science at the Ernst-Abbe University in Jena, Germany in 2012. He then worked as a sales engineer and regional sales manager for several companies in the optical industrie. He joined us in August 2018 in charge of sales at FLUIGENT Deutschland and is willing to answer any question you might have.

Felix Rogowitz,
Application & Service Engineer

Felix obtained his MSc in Precision Mechanical Engineering from the Ernst-Abbe University in Jena, Germany, and worked as a design engineer developing high-tech industrial instrumentation. He joined us in 2015. He is now responsible for application development, demonstrations and customer service at Fluigent Deutschland GmbH.


Valerii Shkuropat,
Marketing & Public Relations

Valerii is doing his MA in Political Science at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Previously he worked for the think tank, an NGO and a marketing agency in Ukraine. In Fluigent he is responsible for marketing promotion, public relations and graphic design.

Erik Grundig,
Sales & Administration (Germany)

Erik likes organizing, accounting and working in customer service. As a correspondent and clerk, he gained international work experience and started his career in the welding- and automobile industry before joining our team in 2020. He is responsible for inside sales and administration, oversees ordering processes and deliveries and is always pleased to assist our customers.

Erik Grundig
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