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This September marks 15 years of FLUIGENT. Let us celebrate together what has been achieved in microfluidics over these years.

Contest in a nutshell

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What’s the Big Idea?

Ahead of our 15th anniversary, we want to celebrate what has been accomplished in the world of microfluidics over the years. What a better way to do it than to bring the FLUIGENT Community together? The community of scientists and researchers, who have given meaning to all our devices through their groundbreaking projects.

This September, we invite you to share your research story with the world. This is your chance to spread knowledge, gain visibility for your project and connect with those like you changing the world with microfluidics.

Fluigent Family

They have already shared their story!

Prizes of the Contest

Let's talk about Prizes

Guaranteed Prizes

Guaranteed Prizes

EVERYONE who paticipates gets a €150 Voucher for our products from Fluigent website.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: 15 first participants get a €200 Voucher.

Also you get Certificates of Participation.

Creative Prize

For the most creative entry selected by Fluigent you get a new Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 3 2021 Laptop:

AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700U (8 Cores), 15.6″ FHD (1920×1080), 16 GB DDR4, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)

FLUIGENT MAT Software will be installed.

Also you get Polo T-Shirts “I LOVE MICROFLUIDICS” for you and your Team!

FLUIGENT Choice Prize Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop
Audience Choice Prize Teambuilding Sponsorship

Community Prize

For the most popular entry with the largest amount of likes on LinkedIn you get €1000 for a Team Building Activity of your choice*

*Also available as a one-off payment in case the new regulations should restrict public gatherings.

How to participate?

1) Have you already owned Fluigent devices and are ready to share your experiences?

If yes – congratulations! You are eligible to participate. 

2) Go to your LinkedIn account and create a post, in which you tell us about:

  • yourself, your team and research focus
  • your project concept
  • how Fluigent devices have assisted you in your research

If you do not have any LinkedIn account, you can ask one of your team-mates or your institution to use their account for participation. 

3) Attach photos OR (preferably) videos to your post. 

Ideally, this could be something illustrating your research outcomes, preliminary results you already have at hand or just the concept of what you are willing to achieve. 

Add hashtag #ilovemicrofluidics and tag our LinkedIn pages @Fluigent and @Fluigent Deutschland GmbH so that we do not miss your entry. Use the hashtag to find the stories of others participating, this is your networking opportunity. 

Note: LinkedIn only allows you to add either photos or videos to your post. Make sure the orientation of your videos is horizontal.

4) Spread the word among your LinkedIn network and encourage them to like your post.

The most popular entry, i.e. the one with the greatest amount of likes, will win the Audience Choice Prize – €1000 for team-building.

Note: we will only analyze the amount of likes under your original post, on the LinkedIn account where you first shared your entry. Of course, we support shares, but unfortunately we cannot follow neither these statistics, nor the number of likes under the shared posts. So make sure you invite people to like your original post.

5) Fill out the participation form on our website to let us know you are participating and have already posted on LinkedIn. 

We will also ask you to agree to our terms and conditions so that we can spread your entry through our communication channels. Once you have filled out the form, your guaranteed €150-200 voucher and your certificate of participation are on their way to you.


Make sure you apply and make a post until September 28. After that, we will need time to process all the entries before we announce the winners on September 30.


How do you make your entry stand out?

FLUIGENT 15 Years Contest FLUIGENT Choice Sign

1. Have you delivered a coherent story in your post (See point 2 above)? 

2. Are your photos or video illustrate your results or ideas in the best way? 

3. The general impression of your post. Does it help someone who doesn’t know you understand your story? Have you presented your microfluidic project in a creative way?

1. Is your post globally appealing?

2. We will count the amount of likes your post has collected under the original post on your LinkedIn profile (or the profile of your institution).

Note that the earlier you apply, the more time you have to encourage your network to support your entry. The total amount of likes will be counted on September 29.

What are you waiting for?
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